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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Popular Escort Girl Ranks Celebs peen Sizes From Biggest To The Smallest

Hehehe ASHI no get shame.... oyibo dey call am escort, for naija na ashi for short and ashawo for the full name. A popular escort named Jenna Shea who services rappers and athletes just exposed some of rating who has the biggest pee pee... 

Here's what she told MediaTakeOut in an exclusive sit down;
6 - Lil Wayne - She said he has a pencil peens and that he c*ms quickly.
5. Soulja Boy - She said he's pretty average.
4. Rob Kardashian - She said he's pretty big, above average
3. French Montana - She said he got a big *you know what*
2. Tyga - She said he was so big that he gave her a bladder infection.
1. Fabolous - She said it's the biggest peen she's ever seen - including stuff she's seen on the internet.

Say what? Lol. I just can't with some people! She also said the 'best sex' was from rapper Young Buck, that she made out with Kanye West and slept with Benzino and many athletes! Listen to the interview after the cut...

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