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Friday, 2 May 2014

Scores Dead in Fresh Bomb Blast in Nyannyan Abuja - Viewers Discretion Advised

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Yesterday another Bomb explosion occurred in Nyannyan, living not far away from the site, the effect was unimaginable, I was cooking when I heard the loud bang, but unlike the 1st blast, this one was not as heavy as the former. 

Yes the bombers, whose identities were yet to be unmasked, struck again at the same transit point they attacked on two weeks ago at Nyanya in the suburb of the FCT just as workers who went for the a May Day celebration were retuning to their bases, but unlike the last blast, which was targeted at the major bus terminal, the latest attack was concentrated on the opposite side of the terminal, which is used by commuters.

Security men, who were taken unawares by the deadly attack, as usual, promptly mobilised and blocked all routes leading to an from the scene of the attack.

The development meant worsened the gridlock on the Nyanya-Abuja-Keffi Road and frustrated many commuters.

Scores of people died as ambulances were seen conveying the shattered pieces of human's to the hospital morgues! 

I still have hope in my country, someday soon this will be history. 

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