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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Extended 3-minutes Video of Jay Z/Solange Fight Released (watch Here)

TMZ has obtained an extended version of the elevator footage which shows Solange continuing her attack on Jay Z for 3 more minutes.  People are already blasting Beyonce for standing and watching her younger sister attack her man, but again i say to ya all, only the family knows why the fight ensued and I bet it has nothing to do with Solange been bipolar. What if she was defending her sister (Beyonce). Why do people think after such and attack Beyonce still followed her sister and drove with her in the same car leaving the husband to drive in another car.  More revelations will emerge from this fight. 

In July 25, 2013, Sandra Rose wrote:
The truth is out. For years, Hollywood insiders have whispered about Solange Knowles’s closely guarded secret: bipolar disorder. Beyonce’s younger sister has reportedly controlled her mood disorder with medications. But even after multiple medication adjustments she is still having issues controlling her erratic moods. Earlier this week Solange abruptly cancelled the European dates of her concert tour to remain close to her doctors here in the states

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