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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

4 Years Not Enough For Nation - Building - President Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan on Sunday said a period of four years is not enough to achieve nation-building.
He said this while speaking on his administration’s achievements, during the 2014 Democracy Day Interdenominational Church Service at the National Christian Centre in Abuja.
The president said his government has so far succeeded in the turn-around of the power, housing, road, agriculture and aviation sectors. But he added: “We’ve not reached where we’re expected. And definitely you cannot build a nation in three years.
“This government is three years old and by 29th of May next year, we will have completed our four years. Even four years, you cannot; 10 years, you cannot. Nation-building is a continuous process. The most important thing is to start very well and continue to do things very well.”
Jonathan’s four-year tenure expires May next year, and he is widely believed to be interested in seeking re-election though he has yet to publicly declare.
His comments yesterday on the time required for nation-building are likely to be interpreted as a further indication of his intention to go for another term.
Daily Trust had reported last month that the president may make a formal declaration of his re-election bid this month, but days to the end of the month this is looking increasingly unlikely.
Jonathan said yesterday that because nation-building is a continuous process, the most important thing is for a leader to start very well and continue that way.
The president said for any leader to move a nation forward, he has to prioritise a few things and try to do them do them very well.
“You will agree with me that within these three years of this government, our agenda for transformation is coming out. We’ve not reached where we want to go. But there are certain symptoms people use to know whether a government is committed or is deceiving...Our transformation policies are not just political promises. We’re working and we’ll continue to work,” he said.
Jonathan also spoke on the abduction of over 200 schoolgirls in Chibok, Borno State on April 14, saying this was a major dent to the nation’s security.
The president expressed optimism that with the prayers of all Nigerians, the security agencies would rescue the girls.
“We’ve been witnessing terror attacks for about two years plus, but the Chibok incident has added a major dent to the security of the country. There is nothing cannot do. With your prayers, our girls will be seen by our security personnel,” he said.
Jonathan said the distractions emanating from terrorist activities in the country were orchestrated to bring down his government.
“I always say one thing which all of you believe. All these distractions are planned to bring this government down and this they failed, the terror will also fail,” he said.
“Terror will not stop this country from progressing. As a nation, we know that the terrorists are humans and they are evil men. Definitely, they’re among what we categorise as evil forces. Forces of evil will never prevail. Forces of darkness will never prevail...
“In human history, individuals or societies are always confronted with two forces. The forces of development and the forces of retrogression, sometimes we call it evil forces. Our country is facing these challenges of evil forces.”
He added: “By this time next year, we’ll celebrate a new government. From May 29, 2011 that we came on board, we’ve been facing a lot of challenges. Now, it’s terror, then, the Chibok girls.
“People wanted to frustrate the World Economic Forum in Abuja. Of course, there was a twin bomb, but still in terms of the content and the turn-out, what happened in Abuja was the second best.
“So, you can imagine if we were not facing these distractions within this period, you can imagine if this government had not been facing these distractions within this period, definitely, we’d have moved farther than this.”
Jonathan urged Nigerians to continue to pray, saying: “Collectively, we’re moving this country forward. We’ll continue to work to move this country forward. The forces of evil will surely be overpowered by the forces of light. Nigeria will surely see the light.”
The president also hinted that despite the current challenges, elections would hold next year.
“I remember when I was in my village this morning to collect my permanent voter’s card, a pressman man asked me whether there would be elections in Nigeria today, and I told him there would be elections in this country,” Jonathan said.

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