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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Curious Satanist Teens Suspected in the Gruesome Murder of Two School Girls

Teen ‘satanic’ killing
The horror: Friends of the two girls who were found dead on the outskirts of Dobsonville cry after learning that their school mates were dead as family friends try to comfort them.Pictures: Thapelo 

So we all know that satinism is a religion been practice around the world! I have come across many Satanist pages on facebook. Now this is what happens when school teens began to practice the things they see mostly in movies! Because I doubt if  they are Satanist place of worship in SA.

Here is the report by THE NEW AGE:    

School friends and neighbours cried hysterically in disbelief when news filtered out that two teenagers had been found murdered in a suspected satanic killing in Dobsonville, Soweto, yesterday morning.
Chwayita Rathazayo, 16, and her friend Thandeka Mokganetsi, 15, were found lying next to each other with razor cuts to their necks and hands.
One girl was facing down and the other up, still wearing their George Khosa Secondary School uniforms.
There were razor blades and three black candles near the scene in an open field near Ext 2, Bramfischerville, Dobsonville.
Emotional pupils streamed to the girls’ homes on hearing the news of their friends’ deaths and broke down on arrival.
One school mate shouted: “I warned Chwayita not to be friends with the three pupils known as the King, Queen and Prince.”
She claimed these pupils were well-known as members of a “satanic cult” and regularly tried to recruit members.
“They have tried to recruit me but I declined their offer. It was not the same for Chwayita and Thandeka. They were curious about satanism,” the friend said.
Another friend said she had known Chwayita since they were young and blamed the three kids at their school for the bizarre killings.
“There are two boys and a girl who are satanic and we strongly suspect that they killed our friends.
“We don’t think we are safe, we might be next in line,” the friend said.
The angry teen warned that if the police did not arrest the culprits, they would take matters into their own hands.
The pupils claimed that a girl named Palesa died in similar circumstances last month.
Gauteng police spokesperson Brig Neville Malila said the kids were never reported missing.
Parents of both victims last saw their children on Tuesday but did not report them to the police as missing.
“The Occult Investigation Unit will investigate,” Malila said.
Cynthia Mbazi, who lives near the field, said it was also used by prophets and sangomas, which might explain the candles and razors.

Culled From: The New Age 
Written by: Ntombi Nkosi

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