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Thursday, 9 January 2014

World AIR SEX competition hits Britain! Will It really Feel like the Real Thing?

Hmmm Air Sex, yes air sex is live show going on right now in the UK!
More Pics of contestants after the cut.............
The official Air Sex World Championship had its debut in 2009 and five competitions later, over a third of competitors are women, with contests held in 30 American cities before an overall champion is crowned.
The only rules are dictated by the state where each competition is held, though participants are warned not to get completely naked and, as with the on-stage lovemaking, all 'endings' must also be simulated.
How is it done? Contestants in the raunchy contest stand on stage in front of a live audience and act out a full sexual experience, right down to the hand movements and facial expressions.
With no partner to actually do anything with, imagination and enthusiasm is key to impressing, while a soundtrack of their choosing can help them get in the mood.
The contest involves more than just making a few gyrating movements - participants have to meet their 'partner', before seducing them and taking part in foreplay and, finally, full intercourse.
Chris Trew, founder of the Air Sex World Championship, said: "Imagine something we think about every day - sex - turned into a sport where the goal is to make people laugh.
"Air Sex is a party. Air Sex is an amazing comedy show. Air Sex is a sport where you are invested in the outcome."
The weird competition was invented by a group of single Japanese men in a Karaoke bar in 2006 and comedian Chris, 32, saw it and decided to sex up the air guitar contests he'd been holding.
Now Chris is aiming to make the Air Sex World Championship a truly global affair - and he's starting with the UK.
He added: "Every single person from the UK who has seen the show tells me it would be amazing over there.
"I think it will vibe well with the comedic sensibilities as well - it really needs to happen as soon as possible.
"Sex is a big part of life and framing it in a way that allows us to laugh at it is a very powerful thing.
"The bottom line is the Air Sex Championships is hilarious and you want to witness it."

We might leave the taking part to someone else, though.


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