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Thursday, 9 January 2014

OduahGate: Stella Oduah’s Profile Page Now Disabled On Ministry’s Website

Stella Oduah profile on Aviation ministry's disabled
Things are getting messier!! According to Sahara Reporters,  Nigeria’s troubled Minister of Aviation, Princess Stella Ada Oduah, has ordered the webpage which displays her profile on the website of the ministry disabled.
The ministry’s website is at
The latest action follows a series of reports by SaharaReporters and Premium Times revealing that she did not obtain the higher degrees she had claimed on the site and in press interviews.

The page, which was first subjected to several alterations after the scandal broke, now returns an error 404 when users try to click on that link.

SaharaReporters began a series of exposes on the minister’s educational background on Monday night.  By Tuesday she had removed any mention of St. Paul’s College, the institutions where she initially claimed in citations, on Wikipedia and several personal websites that she earned a Masters Degree.  By yesterday, SaharaReporters obtained her curriculum vitae but it curiously made no mention of the widely, previously-claimed MBA. However, she claimed to have obtained an “honorary Ph.D” from Christian Pacific University in Glendale, California.  That claim has also now been found to be false.

Meanwhile, the authorities of St. Paul’s College in Lawrenceville, Virginia have yet to confirm that Mrs. Oduah actually obtained her first degree at the school.  Speaking with SaharaReporters on Wednesday, St. Paul’s President, Millard D. “Pete” Stith Jr., said the registrar, was out sick.

Yesterday the registrar, Ms. Helen Jackson, resumed work and promised to check the archives to fish out Mrs. Oduah’s record to clarify that the Minister did undergraduate studies did at the institution. 

A horde of supporters of the Minister are reportedly calling the college to harass the President of the college, threatening him with legal action for “invasion of privacy” should he release to the media any information relating to Oduah’s attendance of the institution, or lack of it.

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