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Monday, 20 January 2014

Notorious Gangster Regains Freedom As Nigerian Govenrment Rejects His Citizenship

A violent gangster who was due to have been deported is back on the streets of Britain because officials cannot work out where to send him.

Joland Giwa 24,popularly known as Dexter had been kept locked up for more than four years after finishing a jail sentence for a string of street robberies. But immigration officials have been unable to determine his nationality, with both Nigeria and Sierra Leone refusing to accept him.
Giwa, who is thought to be 24, arrived at Heathrow with his twin brother in 1999 on a flight from Nigeria.He had no parent or guardian and no passport or identity documents. He claimed asylum, telling officials he was a ten-year-old from Sierra Leone whose parents were killed in its civil war.

His asylum claim was refused but he was given permission to stay for four years, before being given a permanent right to stay in 2005.

He soon became involved in crime, running Croydon’s notorious Don’t Say Nothing gang and using the street name Dexter.
Giwa has been linked to at least 99 incidents of criminal or anti-social behaviour.

One former police officer told an immigration hearing that Giwa posed a ‘serious threat to the public’.

He concluded there was evidence of Nigerian English rather than the accents used in Sierra Leone

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