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Friday, 13 December 2013

Kim Kardashian Needs to Consider a Bra

Regardless of everything you may think of Kim Kardashian, regardless of any plastic surgery she may have had or her choice in men or anything, really, one thing about this girl remains true: she is gorgeous. Absolutely stunning. And sometimes she manages to look more stunning than usual, like she does in this incredible gold dress she wore last night at the Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment event. Because guys, did you see her? She's almost too beautiful right here.

But you know what? Just because gold happens to be Kim's color (or one of them, anyway), we can't ignore the fact that she seriously failed with her undergarment situation. One has to imagine that she's wearing a bra, otherwise her boobs wouldn't be so, uh, well placed, but dang, y'all, them nipples. Was it super cold, and that's why she left her coat on, too? There has to be some explanation, because, guys ... those nipples.

Verdict: love it. Girl could use a little padding to safeguard her nips, but other than that, amazing. Good on you, Kim. Good on you.

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