Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Giggs Takes Temporary Role As Manchester United's Manager

Following the Sack of David Moyes as manager, Manchester United has announced that Ryan Giggs, the club’s most decorated player, will assume responsibility for the first team until a permanent appointment can be made.
The club will make no further comment on this process until it is concluded.


P-Square BreakUp: Paul Ask For God’s Intervention

Hmmmm we have more scoop on the P-Square break-Up saga! The last may not have been heard of the widely reported crisis rocking the duo of Peter and Paul Okoye, popularly known as P-Square, as the telecommunications giant, Globalcom Nigeria Limited may be forced to review its four-year contract with the pop twins.

A source close to the telecoms operator told MandyGist yesterday on telephone that Glo may terminate the endorsement deal, which it has with the pop twins since 2010, should they go ahead with the break-up.

According to the source, the telecoms giant entered into a contract with P-Square and not with any of the twins.

“Since Glo has a contract with P-Square, and not with Peter or Paul, their breakup will definitely lead to the termination of the contract,” the source explained.

One of the twins, Paul Okoye took to his Facebook page yesterday to express his concern over the ongoing face-off between him and his twin brother.

“After the storm comes the calm. Hoping for better days ahead as one family. God’s intervention,” he wrote.

Also, popular R ‘n B musician, Djinee, while reacting to the alleged breakup, expressed optimism that their differences would be resolved as soon as possible.

He said: “If these rumours are true, I will see it as a typical African family feud. I pray they resolve their differences as soon as possible. People shouldn’t make things worse by peddling unfounded rumors.”
Reacting in the same vein, concerned fans of P-Square attacked Peter Okoye’s wife, Lola, accusing her of being responsible for the alleged breakup of the duo. But Lola has fired back at her accusers, saying “I think silence is the best answer.”

Paul and Peter have indicated in several interviews in the past that arguments have always been part of their lives.

The twins argue every time an album is close; with intense debates on which song goes in or out. They faced similar problem in 2005 with their Get Squared album and in 2007 with the highly successful Game Over album. Danger, 2009 and Invasion, 2011 were not different.

This latest disagreement had intensified as the years rolled by with their individual talents of singing and dancing further pulling them apart. Peter wants to be identified as a singer as much as a dancer.

Jude, their elder brother, has however repeatedly dropped songs Peter has performed from making the final cut because he feels Paul’s songs would do better in the market.

Inside sources said this is the major reason Peter wants to opt out as he can no longer stand being just the ‘dancer’ in the group.

Sources also said that Peter had so protested that the videos of Alingo and Personally were shot to appease him.

In the videos, Peter is featured prominently as both a singer and dancer. we further learnt that Jude had planned to revert to the status-quo in their coming album with Paul doing the songs.

The decision put Peter in riot mode; forcing the group to stall the release of their sixth studio album whose fate is hanging in the balance.

The Internet Will Put The Nigerian Government To Shame – Says Tolu Ogunlesi

Tolu Ogunlesi 

Two weeks ago, a young Nigerian, Yusuf Onimisi, vanished from Twitter, days after posting photos he took, with his phone, of soldiers mobilised in the wake of the attempted jailbreak at the DSS headquarters in Abuja.

Expectedly, the news filtered online in no time. A group of social-media-savvy persons started a loud campaign alleging that the DSS was responsible for his disappearance. There were rumours he had been beaten and possibly even killed. The DSS, thinking this was still 1994, at first refused to comment on the matter. Eventually, in the face of immense local and international pressure – mostly driven online – they released him.

While it is difficult to justify the wisdom of live-tweeting a military operation like that (especially when your access is made possible only by the fact that you work very close to the highly-sensitive Presidential Villa grounds), it is even more difficult to justify the decision of the DSS to clandestinely abduct and detain him for more than two weeks. I shudder to imagine what might have happened had public outcry not followed, courtesy of social media. Would he have ‘disappeared’ the way several Nigerians disappeared during the Abacha days? Are we running a Gestapo state here, in 2014?

If there’s something Nigeria’s governments and law enforcement agents need to know, it is that things have changed a lot since the days when Nigeria was enveloped in a dense darkness. Now the web is lighting up Nigeria, in its own way. Concealing information used to be the default position of the authorities. Now it’s not such a smart idea. With the way the Internet and social media are showing up spin for what it is, press statements from the government or the military might as well start bearing ‘Official Propaganda’ stamps.

Nigerians also appear to be getting used to expecting greater accountability. The power embedded in mobile phones and all engenders a welcome giddiness; after decades of repression, Nigerians may just be finding their voices, and casting off the spirit of fear that military dictatorships embedded into the collective unconscious.

Just last week, the Nigerian military found itself in a most embarrassing place with the premature announcement that most of the kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls had been rescued. If that had happened in the 1990s, it might have ended there. But in 2014 the cries of hapless parents can be amplified by social media, so that CNN is easily able to pick it up and expose the government’s deceitful ways.

Recall early 2013, when President Jonathan was on Christiane Amapour’s show to declare that Nigeria’s problems with electricity were almost over. What the President failed to consider was that at that same time multitudes of Nigerians were inundating CNN with complaints about electricity. It left Ms. Amanpour puzzled. Who to believe – the President praising himself or his people insisting nothing had changed?
The world has changed; period. It’s pointless complaining. I’m sure President Jonathan must be envying Mr. Obasanjo, who ruled in a pre-Facebook, pre-Twitter age. But we also shouldn’t forget that the President once rode the Facebook wave to his own advantage, before the fuel subsidy misstep in January 2012.

If he took the praise of social media, he should also take the pain.

That’s not to say there aren’t downsides to this social media business. There’s an unbelievable cruelty that Internet anonymity cultivates; allowing anyone to hide behind a false identity to say anything without having to prove it. We saw that happen recently when Reno Omokri, Special Assistant to the President on New Media, was implicated in a plot to link Lamido Sanusi to Boko Haram, using fake online identities. That matter instantly raised the question; if the government genuinely believes that Mr. Sanusi has questions to answer regarding Boko Haram; why not formally investigate? What are you the government for if you have to act like terrorists on the Internet?

Pursuing romantic liaisons on the Internet is also fraught with danger. Over the weekend a Nigerian newspaper reported the case of two married Nigerian men lured to their deaths by a man who posed as a woman on the social networking site, Badoo. It’s a tragic story. For Nigerian men who can’t believe how much easier the Internet has made finding sex; now is probably the best time to exercise some life-saving caution. It applies to women as well; the case of Cynthia Osokogu, who in 2012 met death at the hands of two young men she met on Facebook, is a lesson in restraint.

No doubt, in the age of social media, the demands on common-sense are going to intensify.
But it does seem to me that those who will have to face the most painful adjustment to the new game that is social media (indeed it’s not merely new rules; it’s a new game altogether) are the authorities: governments, public officials, law enforcement agents.
There are two options: you can choose to continue in the current mode of engagement, keeping the spin wheels spinning, resorting to mindless denials, insisting on ignoring the fact that things have changed; or you can choose to reconstruct a new mode of engagement, based on responsible behaviour, transparency and accountability.

If you decide on the latter, the first thing will be to quit lying, realising that the Internet imposes considerably higher tariff on dishonesty. When the Nigerian military says they’ve captured 700 vehicles from Boko Haram, or killed 2,000 insurgents in a recent operation, the world suddenly fills up with Nigerians asking, ‘Where are the photos?’ ‘Are they invisible cars?’

When a government official says the government created 1.6 million jobs in 2013; there are hundreds of thousands of Nigerians who now have the means to directly kickstart a storm, and query the Minister – ‘show us the jobs.’ And when the President goes on CNN to say Nigerians are enjoying unprecedented levels of electricity supply, remember that the same CNN is being inundated with on-the-ground reports from the supposed beneficiaries of the phantom electricity.

In my opinion, the easiest way to adapt to the Internet age would be to strive for higher-quality levels of governance.

In the case of the military, it’s time to stop the pathetic propaganda; everyone can now see through it. Devote the energy to facing the real task of running a competent counter-terrorism operation. Ensure that the soldiers fighting in Borno are well-fed and well-paid (If a photo that made the rounds recently is to be believed; Nigerian soldiers on assignment in the North East are being fed like refugees). If there are any genuine successes – militant camps overrun, weapons seized, etc – share them as fact, without the backslapping edge to your tone.

Police and military convoys should behave responsibly on the roads, knowing that video records are only a matter of seconds away from going viral. A President who goes on a partisan partying binge barely 24 hours after a major bomb blast should get ready to see his photos splashed and mocked everywhere within hours.

For government officials, here’s a useful rule of thumb: If you don’t want it getting out, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it. With the ease with which government documents can now be leaked, with or without FOI, governments should accept that the long walk to transparency may have finally kicked off.

That’s the reality of the world we now live in. It’s my hope that the fear of heightened public scrutiny, courtesy of the Internet, will inspire our governments to act more, and not less, sensibly.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

P-Square Break Up: Lola Omotayo at the Centre of the Brother's Fight

CELEBRITIES and fans of the Nigerian singing duo, Peter and Paul Okoye, P-Square, have appealed to them to reconcile whatever differences they might have and shelve their planned break-up. 

Ace DJ, Jimmy Jatt, said: “You are brothers. You have no choice. You just have to stay together.
“It is normal for siblings to have issues, but please do not let it tear you apart. I believe in you, I have great faith you will remain together.”

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, who is a close friend of the twins, likened the impending break-up to death and implored their wives to do something to salvage the situation
She said: “When you break up, your whole identity is shattered. It is like death. The love of twins is undisputed, Paul and Peter. You have been together for years, making great songs like SenoritaDo meStoryMore than a friendOmoge miBusy bodyAlingoPersonallyTestimony; the list is endless! Why break it up now?

“Please learn. Two heads are better than one. Mrs Lola and Anita, they say a woman makes a home. This is the time to show the world that both of you are women with great substance, which I believe you are,” she appealed in a post on Instagram.
For days now the rumour mill has been ablaze with news that the singing duo have gone their separate ways over issues many have come to tag ‘irreconcilable differences’.
Since news of the crisis broke, fans have taken to every known social media page to beg the twins to stay together.

Jude Okoye
The rumour was given wings by their brother and manager, Jude Okoye, following his tweets: “After 10 years it’s over. Am done.” It sent shock waves through the entertainment world, with their fans fearing the worst.

But according to findings, it seems their worst fears might have been realised as Vanguard can authoritatively reveal that the alleged rumour of break-up is no more rumour. The two brothers are actually at daggers drawn, and look set to have nothing to do with each other again.
Though their publicist, Bayo Adetu, has come out to debunk the break-up rumour, saying “I am too busy to pay attention to some wannabe blogger traffic because I don’t know where that report is coming from.
“Maybe they just want to get traffic to their site. It’s baseless and untrue.”
But according to a reliable source, who begged for anonymity, “Bayo was only doing his job and did the first thing any normal publicist would do to protect his job and his employers.
“The truth of the matter is that the brothers have been going at each other for months, with Jude caught in the middle, trying to see if he could settle them.”

The source further revealed that Peter is bitter, partly because unhealthy innuendos have been hurled at him as the passive member of the group.
The source said: “The way things are, we may find Jude and Paul staying together, while Peter walks away.

“All the moves to reconcile them right now is targeted at changing Peter’s mind, who looks all resolved to end all relationship with his brother.
“On whether or not they have shared everything they own, I cannot really say because they are not even on talking terms. Everything that has to do with the brand name. P Square has been put on hold.”

It would be recalled that some of the reasons Peter wants out is that he claims his brothers do not respect his wife and that their brother, Jude, has been disrespecting Lola for years.
This, according to reports, prompted his packing out of Squareville mansion in Omole where he lived with his brothers for years to Lekki Phase 1 with his wife Lola Omotayo and their children.

Kim Kardashian's Quest to Stand out From the Crowd Goes to a New Level

Kanye Wests fiancée completed her look with a chic white blazer and baby pink heels [Splash]

Shopping with sister Kourtney Kardashian in LA, Kanye West's fiancée took the ripped boyfriend jeans trend to a whole new level as she worked a pair of Levi's with massive holes. And we mean massive.
Flaunting a whole lot of leg in the denim set (basically her whole thigh), we're hoping Kim didn't spend too much on half a pair of jeans.
The 33-year-old completed her strange look with a white blazer which featured gold buttons and pretty pink heels.
Kim was joined by big sister Kourtney for her shopping trip, who wore a white shirt with a super hot black leather skirt. 

The famous family spent a lot of time together this Easter as they enjoyed some quality time away from the cameras.
Kim posted on Twitter: "Best weekend ever! Nothing better than relaxing with your family all weekend! #EasterEggHunts #BdayCelebrations #SleepingIn #Cooking #Family."

North West's mum is keen to make a fashion impact these days [Splash]
Kim Kardashian had a whole lot of thigh on show in her attempt to work the ripped jeans trend [Splash]
The 33-year-old seemed to have no issues with her lack of trousers [Splash]

4 YEARS Remembrance For Dagrin (21 October 1987 – 22 April 2010)

Oladapo Olaitan Olaonipekun, also known as Dagrin (21 October 1987 – 22 April 2010), was an award winning Nigerian rapper from Ogun.

Dagrin's home was in Meiran, Alagbado, Lagos. His style of rapping incorporated Yoruba, Englis
h and Pidgin English. In 2010 he was nominated for the Nigerian Entertainment Awards for Best Album (C.E.O.), Hottest Single "Pon Pon Pon", Best Rap Act and Best Collaboration with vocals.
His album C.E.O. (Chief executive Omota English: Chief Executive Gangster) won the Hip hop World Award 2010 for best rap album.
From it came the singles "Pon Pon Pon", and "Kondo". Dagrin worked with other Nigerian artists such as Y.Q, 9ice, M.I, Iceberg Slim,omobaba,terry g,code,MISTAR DOLLAR, TMD entertainment, omowumi, chudy k, Bigiano, and Konga. He associated with music producers like Sossick, Dr Frabz, Sheyman, and Frenzy.

He died at the age of 22 on 22 April 2010 after a vehicle accident in Lagos, Nigeria.

Olamide today reminds me so much of you BARACK O Grin! Continue to rest in peace. 

Delta Govt Discovers Homosexual Cult called Yansh in Warri

sexy Meet The Two Sexy Nigerian Teenage Gay
Delta State Government, yesterday, said that a cult of teenage homosexuals patronised by gay men exists in Warri. 

Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan, who made the disclosure in his Easter message to Deltans at the First Baptist Church, Warri, said teenagers from ages 15 to 18 belong to the sect named Yansh, and live in rented apartments close to Enerhen Junction, Warri, where men come to sleep with them.

He said: “These are our sons and men come to sleep with them. It is through the Edu Marshals Programme that we discovered them. We used to know about female harlots, now we have male harlots. Unfortunately they are young boys. There is much government can do, but there is more we can do as parents.”
Uduaghan, who noted that the country was going through trying times, challenged parents to be alive to the realities of today’s society as crimes committed daily were committed by children belonging to parents who are members of the immediate society.

Man-Utd Manager David Moyes Sacked

David Moyes, the man who was handpicked by former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson to succeed him when he retired after 26 years in charge, has been sacked as the club's manager after only 10 months. A long awaited news for Man U fans like me. 

Moyes, 50, was dismissed at a meeting with executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward at the club's Carrington training ground this morning, BBC reports.

Moyes left Everton to sign a six-year deal with Manchester United in 2013 but the premiere league champions have been playing poorly since he took over as manager.

Man U player-coach Ryan Giggs is expected to take charge of the club's next game at home against Norwich this coming Saturday.

Netherlands coach Louis Van Gaal, Borussia Dortmund boss Jurgen Klopp, Atletico Madrid's manager Diego Simeone and Paris St-Germain's Laurent Blanc have already been tipped as possible successors to Moyes, BBC reports. 

234 Out of the 273 Female Students Kidnapped by Boko Haram Still Missing

Sorrow enveloped Chibok town, the community in Borno State where over 200 school girls were abducted by suspected Boko Haram terrorists  on April 14, as parents and residents wept profusely during Governor Kashim Shettima’s visit yesterday, urging the government to expedite action to rescue their daughters from the insurgents.
The parents, who were gathered in an open field of the Government Girls Secondary School (GGSS), Chibok,  also said 234 students are still missing. “We are yet to see 234 girls now. We’ve found out from all our people, they are still missing. We have received only 39 for now. These are those who escaped from the bush. We beg government to help us,” Shettima Haruna, who spoke on behalf of the parents, said. He asked the parents: “Is it not true?”, to which they responded, yes.
He said about 150 parents have made spirited attempts last week in search of  the abducted girls in the Sambisa bush, but regretted they did not succeed as they could not go farther than about 25 kilometres in the forest. He said they met some men who advised them not to proceed farther into the bush as it could be dangerous doing so.
Also another parent, Pogu Yaga, stated that the only thing the community wants from the government was to ensure the release of their daughters, noting that it was a trying period for them.
“There is nothing we want from the government. All we need is to assist us to bring back our children for us. We are in pains and it is even better for one’s child to die than get missing. Government should help us,” Yaga lamented.
Gov Shettima, who was accompanied by Sen Ali Ndume, (Borno South), urged the parents to be patient. “They (Boko Haram) can burn physical structure but they can’t burn our soul. Patience is the ultimate solution to the problem. I know we will get over this,,” he said as tears rolled down his cheeks.
He said government has brought food items to the town for the parents to cushion the impact of the sad development, having abandoned their economic activities since last Monday when the incident occurred. Sen. Ndume said the incessant attacks in the state require prayers from all. “Those attacks need prayers because the security agencies are trying but it appears they need more support in terms of ammunition and logistics,” he said.
Most of the structures within the school premises were burnt by the insurgents. Also torched include the local government secretariat and the residence of the caretaker chairman as well as some vehicles.