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MandyGist Exclusive: One on One with Rt. Hon. Terhemen Tarzoor PDP Guber Candidate - A Must Read

MandyGist caught up with the youngest and amiable gubernatorial candidate under the platform of PDP in Benue State,  Rt. Hon. Terhemen Tarzoor, after successfully hosting Benue sons & daughters residing in Abuja, On the 23rd of March, 2015. In less than 5 minutes I was able to ask him some vital questions; here is how he responded;
Mandy -

MandyGist: Good evening your Excellency, Rt. Hon. Terhemen Tarzoor, thank you for making out time from your tight schedule to speak with me Sir, I am highly honored.
Rt Hon. Tarzoor: Thank you very much
 MandyGist: My name is Mandy S. Kaunan of I am a Benue born blogger based in Abuja, Nigeria. Without wasting time Sir, let me go straight to the point, I have few questions for you.
 Sir, do you have a serious plan to help create jobs in Benue? How would you use the executive levers of state government to encourage and align with private business to generate economic development? You spoke about that in your speech but I’d like you to throw more light.
Rt Hon. Tarzoor: Well thank you very much, as an economist you know there is nothing outside business negotiations round-tables and when people come into a round-table for engagements, you have the cards on the table, the government vs the private concern. Where it is favourable to us as a state, we throw in and allow such investors to come in and plug in their money; we then ensure that they create jobs for the benefit of our economy. It is very straight forward and simple.
Mandygist: Thank you Sir,
 Rt Hon. Tarzoor: Thank you,
Mandygist: If elected Sir, how you do plan to relate to the media and voters in terms of transparency, open government laws and documents?
 Rt Hon. Tarzoor:  well you know there no government that can function without the media, because it is the mouth piece that inform the society, it tells the society what you are doing as a government, so it is a necessity, and so there is no need negotiating or talking about media, it is a must do component of the system, it is indeed the brain of every system, because people must know  what is happening, and you can’t run a government in the dark, so the media is very much needed to educate the people of your programmes and activities.
In terms of the electorates, you know that we vote only during elections, and you know we as party and my own humble self Rt. Hon Tarzoor will ensure that people vote genuinely without vices, without getting involved in crises; so I appeal to people, to come out with their PVC’s and vote.

Mandygist: Last but not the least Sir, as a female myself this concerns me, if you become the governor come April 11, 2015, what percentage do you plan on allocating to women in you cabinet.
 Rt Hon. Tarzoor: Cuts in……. let me address the “IF” which is a probability statement,  
Mandygist: Cuts in……….. Your Excellency Sir, let me re-address my question and say is again; WHEN you become the Next Governor of Benue State come 11th April, 2015, what percentage do you plan on allocating to women in you cabinet.
 Rt Hon. Tarzoor: Thank you very much, as the next governor, I can tell you very nakedly that YES, we have an elaborate programme for the women, you know myself I came into this world through a woman, my mum is there, my sisters are there, so any good plan for the women folk I wanna feel I’m giving back to my sibling, so we know issues of gender discriminations will be completely reduced to the barest minimum. We might not be able to eradicate it completely because we are human beings. About women empowerment, which is brushing them up in terms of skills acquisition, which is what I have been doing over the years as a social worker with a non-governmental organization, so we will also engage and carry the women along.
Pause…. Mind you we have the office of the first lady, even though not constitutionally recognized, it is there, it is a way of life to us, so they also have elaborate programs for the women. 
 Mandygist: Thank you for finding time to speak with me, I appreciate, follow

Rt Hon. Tarzoor: I appreciate, thank you very much

Breaking News: Court Adjourns Buhari's Eligibility Suit To April

Buhari's eligibility suit suffers setback and has been adjourned to April 22. 

A Federal High Court in Abuja has adjourned all the suits challenging the eligibility of presidential candidate  of the All Progressives Congress, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari,till April 22 and 23, 2015.

Justice Adeniyi Ademola fixed the date after he dismissed applications by two intended parties to join
the suit as defendants. The judge said the adjournment would affect all the pending suits against Buhari in his court.

Accident Along AYA Overhead Bridge Heading to Nyannyan Abuja - Graphic Pics

This accident occurred yesterday morning along the overhead bridge across AYA, the bus was heading towards Nyannyan, while the okada carrying 2 people was coming from Nyannyan, but using one-way (wrong direction). The bus dodged and lost control, knocking the Okada and the 3 persons down, they were still alive but were badly injured. 
Due to traffic congestion on the Karu-Nyannyan road, commuters usually engage the service of the banned Okada men to use one-way, against the traffic to drop them at AYA, where they find other vehicles. The reverse is what we see in the evenings. It is quite fast, but very dangerous. 
Road safety and the police should do something. 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Rt. Hon.Terhemen Tarzoor PDP Guber Candidate Host Benue Indigenes in Abuja in a Power Packed Interactive Session - Pics

It was a great occasion, well organized and also well attended, at the BMO event centre, River plate gardens Abuja, on the 23RD March, 2015. The hall was filled to brim, living others standing without complaining as guest were served with drinks to keep the evening moving.
Mandy S. Kaunan - MandyGist 
It was a rich and rewarding session and it left me improved and more rational about our problems. The coordinator Dr. Cletus Akwaya, introduced guest from different works of life. Prof. Iorwuese Hagher   DG Tarzoor/Ngbede campaign Organization was in attendance, also in attendance were, Prof. David Ker, Hon. Paul Harris Ogbole, Dr. James Mbachiantim, Dr. Paul Orhii – DG NAFDAC, Bar. Alex  Ter Adum, Hon. Terkaa Mamwo, Chief Ede Hyacinth, Prof. Yima Sen, Hon. Sylvester Atachin, Hon. Tavershima Tyonongo, Dr. Andzenge, Dr. Bernard Ver and host of well-educated scholars.
Dr. Cletus Akwaya the coordinator, called on Prof. Hagher to give the key note address and also to introduce the Chief Host in the person of Rt. Hon. Terhemen Tarzoor. Ambassador mounted the podium, after welcoming the guest, gave a brief speech and then, introduces the Host, who wasted no time in mounting the rostrum.
He started his speech by saying “God does not chose the quality, but qualify the chosen” as unqualified as he is, in Gods own plans they are no accidents. That is why he is here with us, and when people talk about been chosen by God, he is tempted to ask them, “Are you prepared”, because he Tarzoor is well prepared to serve the people of Benue.
He re-echoed that by next year Benue State will be 40 years and we Benue people must agree to move forward, which is why he believed that coming into the race as an economist, with a good knowledge of our political environment, he will take Benue State to greater heights, he further said that he has come with a 5point realizable agenda for the people of Benue State, namely;
·        Infrastructure
·        Health
·        Education
·        Agriculture
·        Pension matters and
·        Tourism
He extensively spoke about Agriculture, how he is going to convert agricultural waste into value, his plans to set up cash cows in agriculture, i.e setting up a pounded yam factory in Sankera which will mop up all the yams and stop the activities of middle men who come in to prize 100 tubers of yams for N1,000. He said the concept of “Or gbe ke Iwenge ga” must be eradicated, also that his government  will domesticate another cash cow in the Jechira/Kwande axis, and this time a fruit company, the earning from the squeeze of these fruits will improve Benue  economy and create jobs, he also plan to set up a Palm oil processing farm around Ogbadibo area, where the state will acquire  vast land and plant high yielding variety of palms for the purpose of mass production of palm oil. He also said that his government will not despise the little beginning in the spirit of “Shangela Mwen, shangela Mwen”.
Outside agriculture, he touched on the issue of tourism, he stated that Benue state in endowed with great sites, which will  be utilized i.e the river Benue river bank, the Kastina river bank, which will be converted to beaches and tourist attraction. He also mentioned the Ikyogen Ranch which he hopes to revive, he plans on bringing in investors who will invest and manage these areas if need be.  He further spoke about liaising with corporation like the Silver Bird, Shop rite who presence will not only boast the economy of the state, but will also create employment for the youths.
According to him, “when America sneezes, the whole world catches cold” the reason Benue people must develop their own survival strategies in other to survive in times like this.   
He touched on the issue of Education, his core been creating of technical colleges in all the Zones in the state, these technical schools will liaise with sport academies around the country/world, where a child will learn a trade and still actively participate in his sport carrier, and if one fails the other will be there to help him/her earn a living. A program that plans on ending “Aondo Aseer Orvesen Era”. He further spoke about his willingness to develop all educational institutions where there is need.
He touched on many other issues including health, pension fund and infrastructural development.  He also spoke about the issue of leaders been accountable to the people they are representing, and how the tradition institution will play the key role in ensuring compliance.
He further explained that, he cannot say what he cannot do; therefore the above stated is what he has for us the people of Benue.
Diverting from the major issues, he spoke about stigma and character assassination that has been melted on his character as a person, some saying he perms his hair, and to others he wears earrings, but what he believe is the most important thing is the issues affecting Benue, and Benue must move forward.
He therefore pledged that he will not give into campaign of calumny; neither will he be involved in vices that are capable of triggering drawbacks in Benue state. Rt. Hon Tarzoor ended his speech and thanked Benue Sons and daughters for finding time to be with him.

It was then the time for contributions, questions and answers; which was taken from 10 people I cannot readily remember all, but I Mandy S. Kaunan, was the first to be given the opportunity to ask his Excellency a question, he also took questions and contributions from people like Prof Yima Sen, Prof. Ker and Chief. Edeh Hyacinth and Dooshima Aza.
Prof Yima Sen
Chief. Edeh Hyacinth
Mandy S. Kaunan

Tarzoor mounted the podium again and dissected the questions as they came,  with confidence of a man who has a plan for his people, also acknowledging the contributions from elders.
Refreshment Time
Dr. Andzenge gave the closing remark and Bar. Alex Adum ended the session with a prayer.
Dr. Andzenge
Bar. Alex Adum
I arrived home 12:30am and started writing this piece to keep you all aware of what transpired. It was indeed a great and fruitful session and reunion for some of us.

Watch out for MandyGist Interview with Rt. Hon. Tarzoor, where he touched on delicate issues concerning Benue people. 
Note; Acknowledged Mandygist when  poking our article 

Monday, 23 March 2015

Read Governor Suswam's Speech at Chief Pa Mbanyiman Dzoho’s Burial that Touched The Core of Kwande People’s Heart - Pics

Gov. Suswam & Prof. Ugba at Chief Mbanyiman Dzoho's Burial 
It was a celebration of a life well spent, of Late Pa Mbanyiman David Dzoho District Head of Baraku,on the 20th March 2015 at Mbaabo Village, kendev-Turan in Kwande Local government, a burial ceremony well organized by Chief Dzoho’s illustrious sons. #IwasThere

Hon. Bem Dhozo and Mandy of Mandygist in Green & white T-Shirt
PA Mbanyiman Dzoho who is the father of the PDP State Secretary, Hon. Bem Dzoho and his elder brother, Alloy who is the Kwande APC Chairman passed away  at the ripe old age of 89year, as the Distict Head of Baraku and Mue Ter Turan I, a titled chief of the Tiv Traditional council.

PA Mbanyiman Dzoho Lying in state

The burial was packed with dignitaries drawn from both PDP and APC and friends from all works of life; but a to mention a few were; His excellency Governor Gabriel Suswam, Distinguish Senator Gemade, Rt. Hon. Terhemen Tarzoor PDP gubernatorial aspirant, Prof. Steve Ugba, Distinguished Senator Saor, Ambassador Iorwuese Hagher, Hon. B.I Aboho, Hon. Bob Ityough , Chief Yandev Amabai, All TIV 1st class and 2nd class chiefs, Hon. Kester Kyenge, Prof. Denga, Pastor Pitch Ichull, Kwande Local government Chairman, Hon. Terkaa Mamwo, Mrs. Jennifer Soughtafter Igoh, Hon. Mrs. Ortese   and many others that I cannot mention due to time and space.

The atmosphere was peaceful and solemn, the preaching was done and it was time for funeral oration; Governor Suswam was then handed the mic, he started by greeting the dignitaries and went on to thank the bereaved family for putting up such a burial for their father, who died at a ripe age of 89 years. 
He called on kwande people to emulate the Chief Dzoho’s children, he said and I quote “Bem Dzoho is the state Secretary of PDP while his immediate elder brother is Chairman APC came out of the same ikyur (mother), but on his way coming to the burial, he noticed that everywhere was peaceful, no house was burnt, he also noticed that all posters belonging to the both parties and that of APGA were not torn or removed, he praised the family for living an exemplary political life  for others to emulate.  He went on to say that the family is very wise, “If PDP wins they will still be relevant and if APC wins, they will still be relevant”. 
 He went on to say that while coming on the way, he met his elder brother in politics, Senator Gemade whom they are contesting the same position, they both came down and hug and spoke to each other at length before parting ways. This was a sign that there is no rift between the two of them as the public speculate.  He also said he and his elder brother Prof Steve are very close, as they eat and drink together;  on completion of this statement, Prof. Ugba stood up and went to where Governor Suswam was speaking and hugged him for the thousands of people to see, it was indeed a lovely peaceful site to behold.  
 He further tasked Kwande people to reject and totally shun violence and embrace peace. Suswam stated that Kwande and most especially Turan people have always experience the worst form of political violence, and this time they reject it in totality. He further gave an example that, it was in Kwande that a politician’s dead parents corpse were brought out and burnt, an action that could not be easily forgotten, he went on to tell the youths to say no to any politician who ask them to commit any form of violence.
 According to him, “If I suswam tell you to fight, tell me to ask my 17years old to lead the fight”, a statement the witness a loud clap and shouts from both the supporters of PDP and APC and other neutral people there present.
 He further, told the people not to steal, snatch or borrow anybody’s PVC, according to him “Jega has done this election in a way you cannot steal, neither will you be able to use someone’s PVC, and so his advice to those buying or stealing other peoples PVC is to return them or they will be useless on the day of election.  
He tasked the people of Benue of the TIV extraction to refrain from insulting their elders in the name of politics, and further stated that we are where we are because of lack of love for one another.
He thanked everyone for coming and ended his speech.
Also speaking at the burial In a funeral oration, PDP Governorship candidate in the state RT Hon Terhemen Tarzoor urged his brethren, Tiv people to uphold the philosophy of truth in all endeavors for sustained development of the land. 

Mr Tarzoor who urged his supporters to eschew violence during and after the elections stated that that power belongs to God who gives it to peaceful souls, also said violence in the name of political ambition would do no one any good. He said he was quite happy that the Dzoho brothers were always in one accord despite their different political leanings and advised that all party supporters should tow that kind of approach to life. The PDP Governorship candidate described Pa Dzoho’s death as celebration of life and said that Pa David lived a prosperous and fulfilling life bringing up his children in a God fearing manner to offer selfless service to humanity. 

Lets us embrace peace, #VoteNotFight  

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President Jonathan Sworn In New Ministers - Poses with Them - Photos

President Jonathan pictured at the Federal executive council meeting with the newly sworn in ministers. Our Benue son Prof. Nicholas Ada is the last person on the far right, others are; 

1. Senator Musiliu Obanikoro (State, Foreign Affairs II)
2.Mr. Fidelis Nwankwo (State, Health)
3.Senator Patricia Akwashiki (Information)
4.Mr. Kenneth Kobani (State, Industry, Trade and Investment).
5. Prof. Nicholas Ada (State, Foreign Affairs I)
6.Col. Augustine Akobundu (retd.) (State, Defence)
7. Mrs. Hauwa Bappa (State, Niger Delta Affairs)
8. Senator Joel Ikeya (Labour and Productivity)

Congratulation to you Prof. Nicholas Ada sir, we wish you Gods protection and the ability to effect the desperately need change. 

A Zimbabwean Woman Wrongly Accused of Killing a young Boy Burnt Alive in South Africa - Graphic

A Zimbabwean woman wrongly accused of killing a young boy has been lynched by an angry mob in a shanty town near the South African capital, Pretoria.

The woman was burnt alive while another man, also from Zimbabwe, managed to escape after police intervened, officials said Tuesday.

"The woman died when she was burnt alive by a mob [while] the man was rescued by police and taken to hospital," local police spokeswoman Katlego Mogale told AFP
The incident took place Friday near Pretoria after several days of tensions, sparked by the death of an eight-year-old boy.

The Zimbabwean pair had been accused of killing him through witchcraft. A probe revealed that the boy had been electrocuted. 
Three people arrested over the woman’s murder currently only face charges of public violence because "there were 500 people and more evidence is needed" to accuse the trio of lynching the victim, Mogale said.

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Chris Brown Playing Good Daddy Invite Royalty to Concert

Chris Brown has started playing his daddy role on a low key, on Monday he invited his Babymama and daughter Royalty to visit him while in Houston, Texas the morning after his tour performance.

She visited alongside her mother, Nia and her half sister who also got to meet her step dad.
TMZ reports Royalty and crew were picked up by limo at a Houston hotel where they were staying and taken to Chris’ tour bus, where he chilled with his kid.
Chris had a concert in Houston Monday night. Hard to imagine Royalty will be front and center, but anything’s possible … maybe she’ll even meet Trey Songz.

Silverbird staff Aishat Mustapha Stabbed to death Near Her Home in Lagos

Aishat Noble Mustapha, a staff of Silverbird was stabbed to death near her home on Saturday March 14th. She had driven home from work round 8pm when her killer struck. She was stabbed multiple times.

According to a report by Silverbird TV, the police have confirmed the arrest of a suspect after getting useful statements from neighbours. The suspect is someone known to her. Watch the STV report on her death after the cut...

Former Speaker, Ghali Na'aba Leaves PDP to APC

Former Speaker of the House of Representative under President Obasanjo's government, Ghali Na'abba has decamped officially from PDP to APC. He officially resigned from PDP on March 15th.

Mr Na'ab arrived the APC National secretariat in Abuja this morning and was received by members of the party's National Working committee. The former speaker said he defected from the PDP after the party refused to change its undemocratic ways.

He says he is in the APC to help grow the momentum of change the party clamors for. "The momentum everywhere now is with the APC and that is why I decided to join the APC in order to help grow the momentum" he said

Governor Suswam Forward List Of Local Government Caretaker Committee to Assembly For Confirmation

In compliance with the directives of the Benue State House of Assembly, if you missed it read here, the state Governor, Dr. Gabriel Suswam this morning forwarded the list of Caretaker Committee members for sixteen local government areas for confirmation. 

The list has the following; 

Mr. Mike Obiabo -  Agatu
Mr. Abu Umoru - Apa
Jonathan Torhee - Buruku
Joseph Tsekaa - Gboko,
Amos Aho - Guma  
Barr.  Donald Kertyo - Logo
Mr. Linus - Makurdi 
Sunday Mark - Ohimini.
Roy Ashirga -   Tarka
Teryima Nguher - Ukum
Mr. John Chia - Vandekya 
Innocent Onu - Otupko
Mr. Emmanuel Abah - Ogbadibo
Mr. Bright Igodo - Oju and 
Mr. Paul Ikwe - Obi. 

In a letter conveying the list explained that the remaining caretaker committees for the local governments Ushongo,  Gwer West and Gwer East, Kwande, Okpokwu and Ado will be forwarded to the House as soon as the stakeholders in the affected LGAs conclude deliberations on the list.

The Deputy Speaker who presided over the sitting said the House will process the list shortly after the nominated chairmen, deputies and secretaries forward their profiles to it .

PDP Gubernatorial Aspirant Prince Tarzoor Visit Feuding Tiv Communities, Ensues For Peace - See Pictures of the Extent of Distuction

The PDP gubernatorial candidate in the state Rt. Hon. Terhemen Tarzoor yesterday visited the Akuma Community near Abinse along Makurdi – Gboko Road where a communal crisis between the Iharev Community and Kparev Community in the said area. 
During his visit he urged the need for both communities to compromise their stance and reconcile their differences. He maintained that having lived together for decades without any need for violence; he didn’t see any need why such peaceful existence would be broken at this moment. Hon Terhemen Tarzoor also warned the communities to be weary of external forces that influence negative friction between neighbouring communities.
Speaking to the both feuding communities yesterday were the Makurdi PDP Chairman Hon Terwase Aondoakaa and Commissioner for Lands Hon. John Nenger. Both speakers urged the communities not to politicize the crisis as that would cause unnecessary harm both now and to future generations. They also were of the opinion that both communities had every cause to be at peace and very little reason to tow the path of violence and as such ought to find an amicable solution to the crisis as a matter of grave importance.
The Ter Ipusu, Chief Akuse thanked the kind gesture of the PDP governorship flag bearer and his entourage. He promised that he would work to achieving peace in the area as soon as possible. The President General of the Ipusu community in the area Retired Captain Agber Ifan also spoke in similar words. He thanked the entire group led by Hon Terhemen Tarzoor for taking out time to promote the ideal of peaceful living amongst people of that area.
Chief Akor Agbaior and Chief William Wajir represented the Iharev and Kparev communities respectively. Both chiefs on their part promised to foster peace amongst their people. They pledged to increase their stance on living together as one people. The Mue Ter Chief William Ate was also present and offered his support to the initiative to achieve peace.

Prince Terhemen Tarzoor beseeched both parties to resolve their differences; he set up a committee to look into the crisis and find a lasting solution as soon as possible. He also encouraged a total reconciliation deal, and stressed that no blame should be issued.

Have You Read The Covenant Buhari Made With Nigerians? If Not Read it Here

Find here below the covenant APC Presidential aspirant Gen. Buhari is making with Nigerians; I am personally saving it, as it will be used for or against him, should he win the Presidential election. Read below...
My Covenant With Nigerians - Buhari
Dear Compatriots,
In the past few months that I have traveled round this country on campaigns, I have experienced the sheer beauty of our diversity. From Port Harcourt to Kano, from Abeokuta to Gusau, I experienced first-hand the daily sufferings and struggles of our people. I also experienced the overwhelming desire of our people for change.
When I arrived in Port Harcourt on the 5th of January to start my campaigns, I was met by our teeming supporters, who stayed till late in the evening to welcome us. Among them were many young men and women, who in the few minutes that I shared with them at the airport, made me to reflect on what kind of future awaits them in our country.

The gestures of 90-year-old Hajia Fadimatu Mai Talle Tara from Kebbi State and 9-years-old Nicole Eniiyi Benson from Lagos State, who donated their life-savings to my campaign, reflect the overwhelming desire of our people for change. In their gestures, I perceived a longing for the days when honour, national pride and dignity of labour were the fundamental social principles that governed our country. As I encountered millions of our youths, who sometimes run for hours in front of my car and hanging precariously on our campaign vehicles at our state rallies, I also pondered the enormity of the task ahead. How do we give jobs to our youth? How do we reform our economy and make it work for every Nigerian?

I know however, that what we require to revamp our economy and rebuild our country is our ability to galvanize all our citizens to believe once again in their government, in their country and especially, to believe in themselves. This can only happen if we are able to rebuild the trust and belief that our people used to have in government, and indeed, in our nation. The leadership that I will provide will be built on this critical awareness. I intend to lead with integrity and honour and commit myself totally to everything that is of concern to our people: security, employment, health, education, good governance and others.

This Covenant is to outline my agenda for Nigeria and provide a bird’s eye view of how we intend to bring about the change that our country needs and deserves. This Covenant is derived from the manifesto of my party, the All Progressives Congress (APC). It however, represents my pledge to you all when I become your President. 

I have no doubt that God being on our side, with the abiding support of all Nigerians, we shall all witness the great change that we desire and achieve the Nigeria of our dream.
Thank you
Gen. Muhammadu BUHARI (Rtd.), GCFR
Presidential Candidate, APC
Corruption and Governance
No matter how vast our resources, if they are not efficiently utilized, they will only benefit a privileged few, leaving the majority in poverty. I believe if Nigeria does not kill corruption; corruption will kill Nigeria.
I pledge to:
·         Publicly declare my assets and liabilities and encourage my political appointees to also publicly declare their assets and liabilities.
·         Affirm that our strategy for tackling corruption will not only focus on punishment. Rather, it will also provide incentives for disclosure and transparency.
·         Show personal leadership in the war against corruption and also hold all the people who work with me to account.
·         Inaugurate the National Council on Procurement as stipulated in the Procurement Act so that the Federal Executive Council, which has been turned to a weekly session of contract bazaar, will concentrate on its principal function of policy making.
·         Review and implement audit recommendations by Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (NEITI).
·         Work with the National Assembly towards the immediate enactment of a Whistle Blower Act.
·         Work with the National Assembly to strengthen ICPC and EFCC by guaranteeing institutional autonomy including financial and prosecutorial independence and security of tenure of officials.
·         Make the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) an autonomous and operational agency.
·         Encourage proactive disclosure of information by government institutions in the spirit of the Freedom of Information Act.
·         Ensure all MDAs regularly comply with their accountability responsibilities to Nigerians through the National Assembly.
·         Work with the leadership of the National Assembly to cut down the cost of governance.
·         Present a national anti-corruption Strategy.

Access to Justice and Respect for Fundamental Human Rights 
One of the biggest challenges facing Nigeria is building a country that is fair to all of its citizens; a country in which all individuals feel and know that they are valued members of society with constitutionally guaranteed rights; a country that respects human dignity, promotes human development, fosters human equality and advances human freedom.
I pledge to:                                                                                            
·         Lead a government founded on values that promote and protect fundamental human rights and freedoms.  I will promote the supremacy of the Constitution and the rule of law, affirm separation of the powers of government and support an independent judiciary.
·         Present a detailed strategy for protecting the fundamental rights and freedoms provided for in our Constitution.  There will be emphasis on the rights of vulnerable persons including women, children and persons living with disabilities as well as access to justice and prisons reforms.

Insurgency and Insecurity
I have had the opportunity to serve my country in the military up to the highest level, as a Major General and as the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. In the course of my service, I had defended the territorial integrity of Nigeria. And if called upon to do so again, I shall rise to the occasion. As a father, I feel the pain of the victims of insurgency, kidnapping and violence whether they are the widows and orphans of military, paramilitary or civilians.
I pledge to:
·         Ensure that under my watch, no force, external or internal, will occupy even an inch of Nigerian soil. I will give all it takes to ensure that our girls kidnapped from Chibok are rescued and reunited with their families.
·         Deliver a Marshal Plan on insurgency, terrorism, ethnic and religious violence, kidnapping, rural banditry and ensure that never again will Nigerian children be slaughtered or kidnapped at will.
·         Boost the morale of our fighting forces and the generality of Nigerians by leading from the front as the Commander-in-Chief and not hide in the comfort and security of Aso Rock.
·         Give especial attention to the welfare of our armed forces and all other security personnel and their families, including State-guaranteed life insurance for all officers and men as well as protect the families of our fallen heroes.
·         Ensure that acts of heroism and valour in the service to the nation are publicly recognized and celebrated.
·         Establish close working relationship with governors of the states affected by insurgency, with leaders of our neighbouring countries and with leaders around the world to cooperate in combating insurgency, oil theft, piracy and criminality.
·         Activate regular meetings of the National Police Council to ensure the discharge of its true constitutional roles in a transparent and accountable way.
·         Fight for you, and alongside you. We will fight together to defeat terrorism. But I will be honest with you about our challenges and I will bear the responsibilities of my charge. I will not lie to you or exaggerate our triumphs. My administration will be thoroughly transparent in every step of our daily struggle and together we will win the war.

Niger Delta
In many years of oil exploration, the Niger Delta has become perhaps, the world’s worst eco-system, a byword for environmental degradation, exploitation and diseases. I believe that protecting the livelihood of our people in the Niger Delta should transcend our interest its oil.
I pledge to:
·         Commit myself and my administration to the protection and regeneration of the environment in the Niger Delta and to ensure that oil companies comply with global best practices on environmental protection.
·        Sustain and streamline the human capital development in the Niger Delta, especially focusing on youth and women.
·        Reform investment in infrastructural development of the Niger Delta and ensure that the NDDC is held accountable to its mandate.

Nigeria's greatest asset is her people. My commitment is to invest in our people and ensure that they have the opportunity to achieve their full potentials and enjoy the full benefits of their citizenship, regardless of their religion, region, ethnicity, gender or disability.
I pledge to:
·         Continually acknowledge our diversity and consciously promote equality and equity in all government businesses and activities.
·         Implement the National Gender Policy including 35% of appointive positions for women.
·         Work with the National Assembly to pass the National Disability Act and the Equal Opportunities Bill.

We must give real meaning to the old saying that Health is Wealth. We must take all possible measures to ensure that our people stay healthy, but we must also ensure that when they fall ill, they can get help.
Healthcare in Nigeria is in crises. Too many people do not get any treatment. For those who do get treated, all too often, the care they receive is poor. Far too many die from easily treatable diseases and what should be routine treatment often end in death. Furthermore, Nigeria is set to miss our MDG targets. The statistics speak for themselves.
I pledge to:
·         Unveil a health sector review policy to ensure efficient and effective management of our health systems with focus on prevention.
·         Ensure that no Nigerian will have any reason to go outside the country for medical treatment.
·         Guarantee financial sustainability to the health sector and minimum basic health care for all.
·         Review occupational health laws and immediately commence enforcement of the provisions to reduce hazards in the work place.
·         Partner with State Governments and development partners to ensure all-round implementation of our primary health plans by expanding access to health insurance for rural communities.

I believe that our education system must prepare our children for the responsibilities of citizenship and prepare our youths to contribute to the development of our country.  Therefore, I shall focus on restoring the lost glory of our education by implementing reforms that will bring quality back into our schools and position our universities and polytechnics to provide market-relevant skills to our youths.
I pledge to:
·         Embark on a program of mass mobilisation to ensure that all children of school age, no matter where they may reside in our country, and no matter the social conditions of their parents, are in school. Working in co-operation with the State Governments, we shall make the required investments in infrastructure, learning materials, nutrition and children healthcare. To this end, UBEC Fund will be reviewed to ensure greater efficiency in utilization.
·         Provide on-the-job retraining opportunities for existing teachers at both the basic and secondary levels while providing the right incentives to keep teachers in the classrooms and attract bright young men and women to take up career in teaching.
·         Work with other levels of government and through relevant government agencies to allocate resources to schools while strengthening community participation in school management.
·         Implement a comprehensive review of the goal and content of our secondary education to ensure that it also serves the purpose of skills acquisition and fits purpose.
·         Set up Colleges of Skills and Enterprise to replace the old technical colleges. This will be done with direct participation from relevant industry and professional groups in the private sector. Based on local market demands, each of the colleges will focus on high job demand sectors of the economy such as agriculture, ICT, telecommunications, entertainment, construction, oil and gas and sports.
·         Establish special purpose fund for a Secondary School level education.
·         Improve the competitiveness of our universities and polytechnics and position them at the heart of the national productivity, innovation and enterprise.
·         Pursue a policy of non-discrimination between the universities and the polytechnics.

Oil has served our country, but it has also excluded majority of Nigerians from the mainstream of our economy. I am convinced that our guarantee for inclusive growth is agriculture.

I pledge to:
  • Make agriculture a major focus of the government and lay the institutional foundation to attract large-scale investments and capital to the sector.
  • Actively promote a well-coordinated and innovatively funded Youth in Commercial Agribusiness Programme.
  • Establish agricultural produce storage, pricing and marketing systems to ensure real commercial value and minimize waste.
  • Work with State Governments to launch Agricultural Support Programmes that will drive agricultural land development and mechanization.
  • Revamp, revitalize and improve on the national agricultural extension and rural support service system.
  • Lay the groundwork for a standardized market uptake and aggregation outlets for specific agricultural produce.
  • Revamp the key development banks (Bank of Agriculture, Bank of Industry and Nigeria Import & Export Bank) to fund inclusive agricultural value chain operations
  • Liberalise and expand agricultural and rural insurance system with premium subventions support to farmers
  • Revamp the agricultural cooperative system to drive rural agriculture and improve stakes for smallholder farmers.
  • Develop a system of small-scale irrigation systems to ensure all-year round farming.
  • Revamping key agriculture research institutions and deliver their outputs through effective network of extension services.

Management of the Economy for Shared Prosperity
All Nigerians deserve to benefit from our collective wealth. We promise not to leave any Nigerian behind in our determination to create, expand and ensure equitable and effective allocation of economic opportunities. No matter the amount of wealth we create, it would be meaningless unless it benefits the majority of our people.

Our failure to ensure a stable supply of electricity has been an impediment to economic growth, productivity and national security.
I pledge to:
·         Address the gaps in power sector privatization to ensure it serves the needs of our people.
·         Explore and develop alternative sources of power such as small, medium and large hydro plants, wind, coal and solar and other forms of renewable energy to ensure efficient and affordable power supply.
·         Invest in technical skills development for efficient management of energy resources.

Sports and Culture
Sports and culture are important instruments for social cohesion, national integration and promotion of positive national image. They also provide a strong platform for youth development and the expression of our abundant creative talents.
I pledge to:
·         Invest and encourage investments in both small and large-scale sports facilities to enable mass participation in sports.
·         Ensure that participation in sports become a core component of our education at all levels.
·         Activate incentives for the private sector to invest in the development of high performance sports.
I pledge to:
·         Support real investments in the entertainment, arts and creative industries.
·         Strengthen the regulatory framework to protect and preserve our culture and creative industry and prevent it from the scourge of piracy.
·         Develop and strengthen the value link-chain of the culture industry to deepen the industry and provide jobs