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Nigeria, Benue Born US Soldier John Orafa, Recieves Special Recognition From The US House Of Representatives - Photos

US Congress woman Grace F. Napolitano & John ORAFA
Nigerians are making us proud, this is another glory from a Benue Born US Soldier, John ORAFA Who has just received special recognition from the US House Of Representatives for his Courage and Heroism to service. The award was presented to him today by US Congress woman Grace F. Napolitano. 

Nigeria is proud of you!!
Benue State is proud of you!! 
And I am proud to know you back home. #Wink e no easy! see more pictures here 

NAFDAC Shut Down Cafe Royal and Chocolate Royal For Importing and Selling Expired and Contaminated Food Products to Consumers - Some Expired 11Years Ago and Had Maggots

According to an (Exclusive -City Reporters), The real reason Why , Coolfm, Wazobia FM Chairman is on the run and the real reasons the National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) Tuesday night, sealed completely the business outlet of a popular elite and confectionery company, Chocolat Royal has emerged.
Picture of the contaminated Products discovered 
Apart from the importation, storage and use of fake, unregistered and expired/unwholesome food products to produce consumables for customers, we can authoritatively report that Chocolat Royal was sealed by NAFDAC on discovery of six illegal 40ft cold rooms fully stocked with contaminated food products built on top of sewages (suck away pit) and in front of toilets.
Not only that majority of these food products discovered, have expired since 2004, (11- years ago) and the least 2013, the most worrisome aspect of it all was the discovery to the consternation of NAFDAC officials that the management of Chocolat Royal had revalidated the expiring dates of almost all the food products, while 90 % of them were not even written in English language and therefore not registered.
While two of the illegal cold rooms built in front of toilets were discovered at the Chocolat Royal headquarters at 267A Etim Iyang Crescent, another two were discovered and also sealed at N0 1 Karimu Kotun resident of the Chairman, Mr Amin Moussalli both located in Victoria Island Lagos.

Investigations revealed that Mr Moussalli the chairman of AIM consultants with chains of media houses which include, Cool, Nigeria Info, Wazobia FM stations, Cool as well as WEE television stations who is now at large travels abroad to source for companies whose food products have few months to expire.

This Lebanese business mogul receives these products mostly for free or at a reduced price and also gets paid from these companies to evacuate the products which ordinarily would have cost them colossal amount of money to dispose and ships in large quantities to Nigeria which has become his dumping ground for food toxic for close to two decades.
These products are then cleared at the wharf and offloaded inside the two cold rooms at his Karimu Kotun resident, Victoria Island where they are then transferred to Chocolat Royal headquarters and then used to prepare ice creams, chocolates, beverages and pastries for members of the public.
At the end of the double operations which lasted for nine hours, imported fake, unregistered and expired food products worth over N1bn stocked in these illegal cold rooms were evacuated in six Hilux vans and buses which NAFDAC stormed the place with.
This remarkable feat by NAFDAC was as a result of a tip off from The City Reporters editor/ associate editor New Telegraph who for three years has investigated the activities of Chocolat Royal; a company reputable for playing host to top Nigerian and foreign echelons , including governors, legislatures, managing directors, artistes and others for close to two decades.

When the officials of Food and Drug regulatory Agency stormed Chocolat Royal at exactly 12:15PM with some team of mobile police officers, they were resisted vehemently from carrying out their duties by some senior staff of the confectionary company led by the Finance Director Mr. Idowu Adebayo and others who apparently were on the know of the plot by their Management to decimate Nigeria’s population through food poison.

Understanding the gravity of what was about to happen if eventually discovered, they denied NAFDAC officials’ access to the cold rooms and stores to forestall more discoveries after some large quantities of the expired food products were discovered in their freezers, kitchens and bars upstairs, requesting for search warrant from the officials; a ploy later discovered to be a strategy to enable them evacuate the cold rooms and stores.

The atmosphere was charged to the extent that the bouncers were almost engaging the NAFDAC officials in a brawl forcing the mobile police officers to apply force and made some arrests which eventually made most of them to retreat but access to the cold rooms and stores was not granted.

However, a little drama ensued when the obstinate management of the eatery invited other mobile police officers who were probably their accomplice to the scene to scare NAFDAC officials who they felt were acting illegally out of their premises, but the Superintendent of police who led the NAFDAC police team ordered them out.

On realizing that the operation was not illegal after they have put several calls across to some top shots in the society, the daughter of the Chairman who also is the Deputy Group MD of AIM group, Mrs. Tatiana Moussali Nouri was left with no choice than to cooperate.

She however asked the staff to also cooperate while she led the officials round the premises opening stores and cold rooms which they were able to evacuate as the melee was on, but the NAFDAC officials could not be deceived based on the information already in their possession.

In order to re-strategize, the NAFDAC officials took inventories of the expired products discovered inside the freezers, kitchen and some bars upstairs and urged them to signed, while every cold room in sight was sealed to prevent the management access for more evacuation.

Pretending to have concluded inspection, they asked Chocolat Royal management to report to NAFDAC office the next day and then stormed Mr Moussalli’s Karimu Kotun resident where the first two 40ft secret illegal cold rooms filled with fake, unregistered and expired food products built on top of sewage were discovered.

On getting to the apartment however, the foreign national security guards and other domestic staff, unleashed dogs on NAFDAC and refused to open the main gate leading to the building against all entreaties.

This however forced NAFDAC official to put a call across to the Director Investigation and Enforcement NAFDAC, Mr. Kingsley Ejiofor who immediately stormed the scene.

The arrival of this all action NAFDAC Director spurred everyone to action as he immediately ordered the officials to break the gate and shoot the dogs if the security guards eventually refused to chain them.

When finally the gate was forced opened and the guards subdued, the cooks voluntarily opened the two cold rooms where the entire products in stock were discovered to have expired, many since 2004 with maggots’ found in some .

At the end of evacuation, two buses and two Hilux pick-up vans filled with the fake and expired products worth over N500 million, all imported were evacuated from the Karimu Ikotun resident of Mr. Moussali alone.

On Interrogation, the jittery cooks who identified themselves as John Gbokasa and David from Benin Republic confirmed to NAFDAC officials that the House belongs to Mr Moussali and that the fake, unregistered and expired food products found inside the two cold rooms were for Chocolat Royal.
“I know that the products have expired, some, 2004, 2006, 2009, but I am a cook and I take instruction from my boss,” David said.
“Anytime they need some products to prepare edibles at Chocolat Royal, they come here with van and mine is to give them key to take whatever they want and after they finish taken the items, they will return the key to me,” John added.
They however begged the NAFDAC officials not to arrest them but wait until their boss, Mr Moussalli who absconded and is still at large or the wife who they said was out of the country return. NAFDAC however, turn down their plea and arrested the two who during interrogation at Apapa office of the Agency gave vital information to NAFDAC.

From there, the NAFDAC Director and the entire team stormed the Etim Iyang Crescent headquarters of Chocolat Royal at about 6:15pm for the second time with the aim to not only break the cold rooms but also arrest Tatiana and the staff who had earlier wilfully obstructed NAFDAC officials from performing their duty.

But except the overzealous Finance director, Mr Idowu Adebayo and one Mr David who were not all that lucky others including Tatiana have all taken to their heels on realizing that Moussalli’s resident has been broken into and two illegal cold rooms discovered and evacuated.

NAFDAC officials however, were able to inspected only two cold rooms as it was getting late already, except some few products purchased in our local market, all the imported products inside the cold rooms have expired.

The expired products which filled two Hilux pick-up vans worth about N500 million were also evacuated and the entire building sealed.

Reacting to the incident after the operation, Ejiofor said that NAFDAC had in their custody six persons in connection with the incident, adding that they were arrested for intentionally obstructing NAFDAC officials while on official duty.

“The suspects will be interrogated, while the food products will be sampled and taken to the laboratory for analysis, where the labels and contents will be properly analysed and at the end of the day when the reports are out, that will determine the next line of action,” Ejiofor said.

The NAFDAC director, who commended the officers and the entire team for the successful operation despite the intimidation from the staff of the offending company, further said that the food and confectionary outlet will continue to remain close to allow for proper investigation.
“They will be investigated by the Federal Taskforce on Fake and Counterfeit Drugs and Unwholesome Processed Foods, and at the end of investigation, files submitted will be reviewed and after evaluation, we would send them to our legal department and we will be advised on what to do by the legal and if we have enough facts, then we will now proceed for prosecution,” he added.
But a twisted press statement meant to obfuscate the truth as well as, deceive the members of the public, the management of Chocolat Royal, on Wednesday, presented the invasion of its premises by NAFDAC as a normal routine check, trivialising the incident as nothing serious.

Not only did they denied ever using the expired products discovered to prepare consumables for their customers but stated that the expired food products were discovered in their “cupboard”

Instead of admitting that it was the Chairman’s house located at Karimu Kotun, VI that was invaded and expired food products discovered in large quantity and evacuated, the statement said it was one of their directors’ resident.

“The items found were never used in preparing food or confectionaries.

“As corporate citizens, we will work with NAFDAC to ensure that these issues are promptly resolved and any breaches if any are remedied,” the statement reads in part.
Meanwhile the Director General of NAFDAC, Mr Paul Orhii who arrived Lagos from Abuja earlier Wednesday after inspecting the fake and expired food products evacuated from Chocolat Royal, Thursday morning at NAFDAC enforcement office Apapa, said that the matter will be thoroughly investigated and the people involved prosecuted if found culpable.
“As you can see, these products are not even registered, not only are they not registered, they have expired, some in 2004 and they are not even written in English language, so they could not have been registered.
“Not only that, you also noticed that the case is not only that the products have expired, some about 11 years ago, but they attempted to revalidate them, which is also a serious offence.
“They were caught in the process of using these expired products, so after investigation we will begin the prosecution. Anybody can build a cold room anywhere provided the place is not prohibited, but in this case, I understand that there was a cold room on top of sewage; suck away pit, of course you cannot use that kind of cold room to store stocks that you are going to use for the production of food for the members of the public, so that is an offence,” he said.
Ohii said that Chocolat Royal sealed outlet will remain close until investigation is concluded adding that compliance with NAFDAC regulation must be ensured first, before the issue of reopening of the outlet will be discussed, but not anytime soon.

He however thanked the journalist for his courage and the investigation which led to the operation urging the members of the public to provide NAFDAC with any useful information that could help them in their operation.

He noted that the Agency is making every effort to rid the Nigeria’s society of fake and substandard regulated products.
“We appreciate the role of the press in assisting us in our regulatory activities and we will ensure that all matters relating to fake and unregistered products are decisively dealt with and culprits brought to justice,” Orhii added.
Investigation carried out has shown that minimum of 5000 Nigerians and foreign nationals patronise the three Chocolat Royal outlets in 267A Etim Iyang Crescent, VI, Shoprite and Lekki. When calculated, It simply means that estimated 150,000 people are poisoned every month and 1.8million people every year.

In all it could be said that, Chocolat Royal has contributed to at least 10% of complicated health problems witnessed in Nigeria in the last 15 years based on the terrifying quantities of unregistered and expired food products discovered and evacuated in their cold rooms and stores.

A medical practitioner, Dr Bassey Richard who spoke to city correspondent on phone when asked to give insight on the health implication of consuming expired food products, said that consumption of fake and expired food products can cause food poisoning and very dangerous especially to pregnant women and infants.
“Eating expired food products will likely lead to food poisoning. Food poisoning consists of diarrhea and vomiting that can last for weeks, lead to fever and in some extreme cases to death.
“When it has to do with foods prepared with fruits such as nuts, apples and grapes, growth known as mycotoxins can occur, which can cause itchiness, diarrhea, vomiting and dizziness. It is not advisable to eat expired food products,” he said."

Only God knows how many people have died or who are seriously sick from cancer and other complications because of Chocolat Royal and its owners Amin Moussalli and his daughter Miss Tatiana Moussalli who also own Cool FM, Wazobia FM, Nigeria info and WEE TV. Amin Moussalli is now on the run.  If this had happened in China the owner of the company and all his accomplices would have gotten a death sentence by now.

Gov Oshiomhole Comes Hard on Okonjo Iweala Over Fraudulent Subsidy Claims by Oil Marketers

Edo state governor, Adams Oshiomhole yesterday came hard on the Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister for the Economy, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala over the lingering fuel scarcity and her claims that oil marketers were presenting fraudulent oil subsidy claims for payment.

Speaking at a function, the Governor queried the Minister for speaking up about the falsification of claims by the oil marketers just few days after the government in which she is a minister will be leaving office. He said the Minister should take sole responsibility for any discrepancies recorded in the subsidy claims and in the Economy as a whole.
"It is quite intriguing that with barely few days left in office, she has suddenly woken up from her slumber to realize that oil marketers have all along been falsifying subsidy claims and defrauding the nation of billions of naira and dollars. The question to ask is: how come that it is now, for the first time, that we are hearing from the Minister of Finance about fraudulent claims by the oil marketers amounting to billions of Naira? At what point did the Minister of Finance and CME realize that these fraudulent and similar claims are going on? When did it start? Is it just recently or it has been going on all along? These questions are pertinent because we know that if the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) were doing its work diligently, all claims by oil marketers would be vetted on a daily basis before their payments are processed by the Ministry of Finance. Hence, there should be no dispute about the amount due to oil marketers at any point in time.
What the foregoing, therefore, suggests is that all along, PPPRA, the Ministry of Finance and the oil marketers have been involved in an unholy alliance, in the mismanagement of the fuel subsidy regime and in the process defrauding the nation of its revenues. The recent nationwide fuel and energy crisis, adjudged the worst in the economic history of Nigeria, is merely a reflection of the gross mismanagement of the economy which characterized Dr. Okonjo-Iweala’s tenure since 2011"he said
He said the Price water Cooper's audit report on the NNPC revealed “massive abuse of public trust and stealing of our common patrimony in high places under her watch and the government she serves”.

Photo: Buhari on his way back to Nigeria in Economy Class of British Airways

President elect Muhammadu Buhari who has been in the UK on a private visit is pictured above onboard a British Airways flight in economy class on his way back home ahead of his inauguration as President tomorrow, May 29. President elect Buhari, pictured above as he arrived the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport  at 5.20am

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MandyGist Exclusive: Fmr. HOR Member Hon. Kathleen Daboh Comes HARD for Suswam, Gloats Over Failures - The Ish Is Tough, It's a Must Read

With few days remaining for Rt. Hon. Gabriel Suswam the governor of Benue State to hand over power to the Governor-elect Hon. Ortom, many friends turned foes have openly gloat over his total failure as the governor of the state. This particular piece by Ex legislator Hon.  Kathleen Daboh caught my attention. 

The reason is that, I have heard so many tales involving the former colleagues turned bitter enemies. There was even an alleged love triangle involving them,  to which Hon. Kathleen has vehemently denied, but let me not bore you, read the rest from the Honourable, who is delighted that KARMA has finally served her justice. 

NOTE: This Story first appeared on It's an exclusive story, kindly credit the source. 

Chris Brown Apologizes For Threatening Tyson Beckford With A Gun Over His Ex - Karrueche

Chris Brown has apologized for threatening Tyson's baby mama and son over Karrueche. See Kae's reaction after the cut.

Update: He has apologized to Tyson's baby mama. He just tweeted his apology. See that after the cut..

APC House of Reps Members-Elect Hold Retreat - Photos

APC House of Representative members-elect held a retreat Yesterday in Abuja where they were charged by the party leadership to ensure that they canvass for all round change in the affairs of Nigeria. More photos after the cut...

Monday, 25 May 2015

Photos: Wale Tinubu, the Group Chief Executive Officer of Oando PLC Pictured In a Chopper with Buhari's Wife, Mrs Aisha Buhari

"This is not a good omen, that was how cabal infiltrated GEJ's govt through his wife, they're at it again, but God will never allow them". Wale Tinubu, the Group Chief Executive Officer of Oando PLC shared a chopper with Buhari's wife, Mrs Aisha Buhari. He posted the photo on his twitter account.

#FuelScarcity : Telecom Giant Etisalat Announce Possible Outages to Network Operations

The persisting fuel scarcity continues to take its toll on Nigerians. Companies are not finding it easy to run. See the above statement from Etisalat. 

Fuel Scarcity: NLC Threatens to Direct workers to Stay Home

NIGERIA Labour Congress, NLC, yesterday in Lagos, threatened to direct workers to stay at home should the current fuel scarcity get prolonged.

NLC, in a statement by the Joe Ajaero-led faction of Congress, lamented that with petroleum products’ prices as high as N350 per litre, claims and counter-claims between Finance Minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and marketers over so-called  N159 billion  subsidy payments and all state actors looking indifferent, Nigeria was the only country on earth which unacceptably and criminally denied its citizens basic sources of energy, fuel and electricity.

The statement, by Mr. Issa Aremu, a Deputy President of Ajaero faction of NLC said; “After several weeks of deliberate deprivations of petroleum products by both the government and marketers, with all the associated hardships, it is time all Nigerians stopped agonizing and rose in unison against the situation. With petroleum products’ prices as high as N350 per litre, (far above N87 per litre) claims and counter-claims between Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and marketers over so-called N159 billion subsidy payments and all state actors looking indifferent, Nigeria is the only country on earth  which unacceptably and criminally denies its citizens basic sources of energy, fuel and electricity.’’

See Pictures From NollyWood Actress Uche Ogbodo's Star Studded Birthday Party - Photos

 Celebrant Actress Uche Ogbodo
Iyanya & Celebrant Uche Ogbodo
Celebrant Uche Ogbodo

Mr. Raw

Uche Ogbodo With Bertha Amuga.
Celebrant with Actor Benedit Johnson - 
Mr. Raw, African China 
Micky Jaga, Uche & Iyanya

Over 50 People Killed as Herdmen Attack Host Communities of IDP Camps in Benue

No fewer than 50 people were killed yesterday May 24th after armed men believed to be members of Fulani militia stormed Logo local government area of Benue State where some Internally Displaced Persons are being kept. The men reportedly shot and killed at will.

According to reports, the armed men destroyed churches, cars, houses, market places during their attack which lasted for about an hour. Iorza, Faga, Per and Ukura Villages in the local government area where the IDPs are taking refuge after fleeing their villages following attacks, were affected.

Spokesman of the Benue State Police Command, ASP Austin Ezeani while confirming the incident said he could not ascertain the number of casualties.

#LoveandHipHop: Stevie J Seeks Divorce,says Wife Joseline Cheated on Him While He was in Rehab

Divorce drama. Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star and producer Stevie J, who recently got out of rehab for drugs and alcohol recently went on a Twitter rant against his wife Joseline, who he says stepped out on their marriage.

According to Stevie while he was in rehab for marijuana and cocaine, his wife Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Joseline Hernandez aka The Puerto Rican princess cheated on him. 

Check out the twitter drama..

Then Joseline replied him..

 Then he said..