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#Xenophobia: Zambian Radio Station Ban South African Songs

Zambia's biggest private radio station Q FM has announced on its Facebook page that it has "indefinitely blacked out the playing of South African music in protest against xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals taking place in that country".

The station feels duty bound to voice out in protest at the attacks on foreign nationals by South Africans by stopping the air play of their music.


Malawi, Congo, Bar South Africans From Entering Their Country - Throws Out There Ambassadors

The Malawian and Congolese government have reportedly stopped all South Africans from entering their country following the recent Xenophobic attacks where a few of their citizens were killed and their businesses destroyed.

The Malawian government has also allegedly thrown South African ambassador out of their country. There are also reports that Mozambican government has barred all trucks from South Africa from entering into their country.

Nigeria what is your ultimatum ending? 

#Xenophobia: Nigeria Calls For Shut-down of MTN, DSTV, ShopRite, Game, South African Banks & Other Business

As the xenophobia rages on in South Africa, it would appear that the infectious bug has caught other countries including Nigeria. 

Not long ago, I reported about a Sasol energy giant based in Mozambique  repatriating hundreds of South Africans. 

According to eNCA, Tolu Adesanya, an APC official, says the APC has handed a memorandum to the South African Embassy in Lagos. 

If the demands in the memorandum are not met, Tolu said, South African businesses in Nigeria will be shut down. 

“We actually handed a letter to the South African embassy yesterday, making them aware that we are not happy with what is going on in South Africa. Should there be any more attacks, we are going to shut down South African businesses in Nigeria. That is MTN, Multi Choice, Shoprite etc,” he said. 

Meanwhile, comedian Ali Baba has echoed similar sentiments when he said: 






Woman Shoots & Kills Man She Met on Online For Damaging Her Cervix During Casual Sex

Police are investigating the shooting death of 25 year old Marteese Williams, (right) who was shot dead by 34 year old Jessica Lewis, (handcuffed), a woman he met on Craigslist who accused him of damaging her cervix during sex.

Florida police say the two connected on Craiglist and agreed to meet for casual sex but something went horribly wrong. According to reports, Jessica told police that after the sex, she felt extreme pain in her cervical area and went to the hospital where she was told that her cervix had been damaged.

Police say that Jessica contacted Marteese to tell him that his large penis had damaged her cervix and may have prevented her from having children. She then asked him to pay her hospital bill. When Marteese refused, Jessica drove to his home with a gun...

Investigators say when she got to his home, she shot him three times, killing him instantly.

One of Marteese's neighbour told authorities during an interview.

 "I was washing dishes when I heard the gunshots, I couldn't believe it was happening in our neighborhood and when I heard who I was equally shocked."
Jessica is currently being charged with first degree murder and being held without bail.

Sasol Energy Giant Repatriates 340 South African Workers From Mozambique Over Fear Of Xenophobic Reprisal Attacks

The energy and chemical giant is set to repatriate hundreds of South African workers in the face of growing violence in the country.

Sasol is repatriating 340 South Africans working at its projects in Mozambique over fears for their safety after foreign nationals were attacked back home, the synthetics fuel maker said on Friday.
Sasol said as a result of the repatriation, work at some of its projects had been halted temporarily. This follows reports that the Lebombo border post which separates Mozambique and South Africa had been closed after South African trucks were attacked.
This is in retaliation to the xenophobic violence which has spread in Kwa-Zulu Natal to some areas of down town Johannesburg. Over sixty people have died and more maimed and assaulted in the attacks which have gained momentum in the past two weeks.
Sasol spokesperson, Alex Anderson said previously that work had been stopped at their natural gas central processing facility in Temane‚ Inhambane.
"We are taking necessary precautions to ensure the safety of all personnel and will continue to facilitate engagement with all parties involved and the relevant authorities to work towards an amicable solution‚" Anderson said.

12 Nigerian & Ghanian Christian Migrants Killed following Religious Clash on a Boat in Italy

12 Nigerian and Ghanian migrants who were traveling on a boat with Muslim migrants from Libya to Italy were this week killed after the Muslims on the boat threw them into the sea following a religious clash on the boat. According to report, the motive for the attack was because the victims 'professed the Christian faith while the aggressors were Muslim'.

The illegal immigrants, 105 of them in number, left Libya on Tuesday in a rubber boat. When they sailed north across the Mediterranean Sea, a fight broke out and the Muslim occupants in the boat, mainly from Ivory Coast, Mali and Senegal engaged in a fight with their fellow immigrants who were Christians and threw 12 of them overboard, Italian police said.

Other Christians who survived the attack on the boat told police that they were spared "because they strongly opposed the drowning attempt and formed a human chain".

The Italian police have arrested 15 of the Muslims that carried out the attack and they will be charged with multiple homicide. 

Listen To King Goodwill Zwelithini Hate Speech, Says 'We will Take Out The ANTS" - Foreigners Must Go - Video

"The time is now for us to have a say. I would like to ask the South African government to help us. We must deal with our own lice. In our heads, let's take out the ants and leave them in the sun.We ask that immigrants must take their bags and go where they come from."

King Zwelithini during a speech in Pongola, KwaZulu- Natal said the following, as translated with the help of Zulu academics below: 

"It's painful to me when I look at the country that our forefathers and thousands of our people fought for, become a criminal den. 

There is nothing more painful to me. I don't sleep thinking about these things. 
That, what kind of people God has placed me amongst, who don't listen. 
I often ask myself if this is the freedom that King Cetshwayo and Mamonga, who was honoured when the ANC was formed in 1912? Is this the freedom? 
I'm talking about something that was written down. Don't think I talking politics. I'm not talking politics, no. 
I'm merely reciting history. I'm not politicising, but King Dinuzulu and King Cetshwayo were imprisoned for their fight for the freedom which the people received in 1994. 
But in 2015, we are talking about South Africans as people who don't want to listen, who don't want to work, who are thieves, who rape children, house breakers, lazy people who don't want to work the land.
They are people when if other nations look at them will say let's go and eat the inheritance of the stupid people. 
As I'm talking to you now, there are all sorts of things hanging outside the stores. 
They brought untidiness to our streets, it's filthy. 
You can't even see what these stores were...foreigners in these areas. 
I know sometimes it's difficult for politicians to speak out against these things because bad doers become voters after five years. 
Leaders, forgive me but in this situation, I must speak. 
As someone who doesn't have  to wait five Zulu King... a nation that is respected world-wide because of its role in the fight for the liberation of Africa, I won't keep quiet when people who have no say are playing with this country. 
The time is now for us to have a say. I would like to ask the South African government to help us. 
We must deal with our own lice. In our heads, let's take out the ants and leave them in the sun.
We ask that immigrants must take their bags and go where they come from."
The blood of the immigrants killed, main and molested in Durban and other part of SA are on your conscience, and their souls will disturb you till the end of time. 

It is so shocking how quickly People forget. South Africa is free from apartheid today because of external help, most especially from Nigeria.  

Most of them ran to other countries to take shelter for years and some have since remained in such countries.  Some of the people killing People are alive because, other countries sheltered their parents.

It is rather callous and outright ungratefulness to wake up and ask foreigners to leave your country. Killing and looting their shops.  Kwenze njani? Why, South Africa, Why? Do you think you can do it on your own?

I am short of words #StopXenophobicAttacks #StopKillingYourBrothers #StopThisTerror #XenophobianIsWorstThanRacism 

Zulu King Supports Xenophobic Attacks, Ask All Foreigners To Leave South Africa Immediately

KING Goodwill Zwelithini - Ask foreigners (Fellow Africans) to leave South Africa Immediately 
According to Daily Sun SA, KING Goodwill Zwelithini meant each and every word when he said foreigners must pack their bags and get out of South Africa.
So said Zwelithini’s spokesman, Prince Thulani Zulu, who told Daily Sun yesterday the king has nothing to be sorry for.
 The Zulu king’s outburst came on Saturday during his speech at a moral regeneration event in Pongola, northern KZN.
In the presence of both Police Minister Nathi Nhleko and provincial MEC Willies Mchunu, the king was reported to have told the gathering that it was time foreigners were told to return to their countries.The king accused them of messing up the country’s towns by hanging their fake clothing brands on the streets.
“Now when you walk down the street you can’t recognise a shop you used to know because it has been taken over by foreigners who mess it up by hanging up rags,” the king said.
His remarks were widely condemned as encouraging hatred towards foreigners, which may result in more violent behaviour towards them.But Prince Thulani said the king won’t apologise because he stood by what he said.
The king’s speech has been strongly criticised for fuelling hatred against foreigners by the Somali Association of South Africa and the Congolese Solidarity Campaign.
The provincial government distanced itself from the king’s speech. It said it was guided by the Constitution, which guarantees human rights for all in SA.
As if South Africans are not residing in other countries? I am sure it's time Nigeria government do the necessary by sending these numerous South African Franchise like Game, Shoprite, Mr. Price, DSTV, MTN and other South African chains off our market. They are not only stealing from us, their poor services are unimaginable. 

Hearing a man who call himself a king speak like an illiterate is sad. Yes it is quite sad. If a traditional ruler could say such,  thereby instigating his people against fellow Africans to be maim and killed is really sad. 

Chris Brown Proud Baby Daddy Finally Shows off His Daughter Royalty On Social Media

The 25 year old singer shared this photo of himself and his daughter Royalty on his instagram page and wrote 
"God has blessed me with my twin". This is the first time he'll publicly acknowledge her.
 See another photo he shared on instagram after the cut...

We Will Evacuate our People if the Xenophobic Attacks Worsens - Says Federal Government

Kai ooo, I am angry and angrier now with this rather lackadaisical reaction from our government. Must we wait for things to get uglier? The Federal government yesterday said it will consider the option of evacuating Nigerians who are willing to come back home if the xenophobic attacks in South Africa worsens. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Aminu Wali said this while speaking to newsmen in Abuja today April 16th
"If it gets worse it is the duty of our country to make sure our people are brought back and we are taking that duty serious. We are not prepared to allow any of our nationals to be subjected to such inhuman treatment. We are monitoring the situation and will now take action according to the situation that develops,” he said.
The Minister appealed to all Nigerian business owners to close their businesses for now until the situation has been brought under control.

In a related development, the House of Representatives today asked for the recall of Nigeria's Ambassador to South Africa following the xenophobic attacks. The house members also advocated that the diplomatic principle of reciprocity be applied to South African businesses here in Nigeria.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

South African President Jacob Zuma Condemns Xenophobic Attacks Against Immigrants

President Jacob Zuma Condemns Attacks On Immigrants. According to his statement below; 
What is happening in our country is not acceptable. We condemn this, that people are attacked and killed. We cannot accept that when there are challenges, we then use violence, particularly to our brothers and sisters from our continent.
 We must bare in mind that, when we were in trouble, they helped us to fight our liberation, they didn't chase us away.
 We are aware of the frustration that the people in South Africa had been voicing. I have tasked 3 ministers to address the current issue.
I convey my condolences to the victims & to those who have lost their loved ones.
We cannot continue killing one another. As Africans, as people who are belonging to the same continent, we need to find a way...where there will be coexistence properly without depriving others. We have seen the anger, we are aware that people are frustrated, we are calling for calm in order to solve the problem.

Breaking News: Deadly Infectious Disease Hits Irele Township In Ondo state, At least 27 Dead

Panic has hit Ondo state where people have died from a mysterious unidentified ailment.

According to SR a deadly infectious disease hits Irele township in Ondo state. Victims wake up blind and dead a few hours later, at least 25 dead.

Channels TV reports that all the deaths have been recorded in Irele LGA of the state.
Dr Dayo Adeyanju, Ondo health commissioner, said that the disease, discovered on April 15, Wednesday, is strange and it’s symptoms include headache and loss of sight. He assured the residents that the local and international health institutions were already investigating the causes of the ailment and considering the effective ways of treatment.
In an attempt to allay the residents’ fears Adeyanju said that the situation was under control.

Photo of the DAY!

Dear Boss! 

Celebrity Big Brother House Mate, UK Top Model Robbed Broad Daylight in London

Bianca Gascoigne has revealed her upsetting ordeal in London this week [Wenn]
Chai, sometimes I feel such broad-day light robberies happens only in my continent. Now I know.....

According to the Mirror, Bianca Gascoigne was surrounded by eight men as she spoke on her phone in Marylebone. They also tried to take her handbag but she managed to hang on to it.
She was left shaken up after the broad day light ambushed. Obviously a little emotional, the 28 year old confessed the group stole her phone right out of her hand.
Bianca tweeted: "Beautiful day shame it just got ruined by being robbed! Got ambushed by a bunch of lowlives on bikes if you need to contact me email or DM me."
A Scotland Yard spokesman said: "Police were informed of the theft of a mobile phone, which happened at about 3.45 on Tuesday in Wimpole Road, Marylebone.
"An appointment has been made to speak to the victim." 

Suspected Kidnapper Caught With Four Young Girls in Ogun State

47-year-old suspected child kidnapper Nurudeen Badmus has been apprehended after he tried to kidnap four girls between 9-16 years, from their village in Abudu community, Iyana Ilogbo, Ado-Odo Ota in Ogun State on Monday April 13th.

According to PM News, Badmus was apprehended after an acquaintance of one of the girls asked him where he was taking them to. Unable to give a concrete answer, the person raised an alarm and he was immediately arrested and taken to the palace of the local Chief (Baale) in the community.

After much beating, he claimed the young girls had come to him for financial assistance and was only trying to help them.

 "They came to me for financial assistance to enable them go to Ajah in Lagos State. I was taking them to Ajah when somebody identified one of them. I am only assisting them,” he said
His claim was however refuted by the girls who said he told them that their parents were witches and wizards and were planning to kill them. Jumoke, one of the girls said
"I am 16 years old. Badmus lives near my house. He told me my mother was a witch and that she was planning to kill me. He said I should follow him to a town to escape being killed. He warned me not to tell my mother. I didn’t know the place he was taking me to. He also tried to rape me but I resisted him,’’ she said
The youngest of the girls who gave her name as Nimota, 9 years old, said the suspect picked her from the road.
“He picked me on the road and told me that my mother was a witch and was planning to kill me. He said I should run away with him. I don’t know where he was taking me,” she said.
The police say further investigation into the matter is ongoing.

Federal High Court Abuja Okays Release of Obasanjo’s Book, My Watch

A Federal High Court in Abuja has vacated the order restraining ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo from publishing, printing or offering for sale, his controversial autobiography titled “My Watch.” which had been in the custody of the Nigerian Customs Service since 2014 following a N20billion libel lawsuit by PDP chieftain, Buruji Kashamu, asking the court to stop the distribution of the book because of some things Obasanjo wrote about him in the book. In the book, Obasanjo described Buruji as a fugitive wanted in the US. A court, last year, ordered security and law enforcement agencies including ‎customs to confiscate the book anywhere they saw the book.

But on Monday, Justice Valentine Ashi who in December 2014 placed a ban on the book, vacated his earlier order on the ground that the plaintiff and a PDP chieftain, Buruji Kashamu, suppressed fact from the court to obtain the order.

According to Justice Ashi, Kashamu who had approached the court saying that the book was libelous, did not prove that the book was indeed libelous. Lead counsel to the former President, Mr Agabi proved to Justice Ashi in court that he was misled by the plaintiff. 

Justice Ashi afterwards set aside his order directing the Inspector General of Police (IG), the Director General of the Department of State Services (DSS) and the Comptroller General of Customs (CGC) to recover the published book from all book stands, sales agents, vendors, the sea and airports and deposit them with his court’s registrar pending the determination of the substantive suit.

He also restrained the Comptroller General of Customs (CGC) from charging demurrage on copies of the book already confiscated. The case was  adjourned to May 25 for further hearing.

Source: Vanguard

Pharmacist Paul Olafare’s death: Family Alleged Foul Play

On Monday, we heard about the alleged suicide of Paul Olafare, described as a brilliant pharmacist who won the 2013 Lagos Pharmacist of the Year award (read here). He allegedly committed suicide because he was in a huge financial debt but his younger sister is now claiming the family suspects foul play in his death and are pointing fingers at Paul's wife, Busayo.
The younger sister, Temitope Dorcas Olafare, told Hamiltonstyle, that their family do not believe the suicide account of Busayo, who was the last person to see him alive. Busayo has since been arrested by detectives at Panti. An autopsy has been ordered to determine if Paul really killed himself or if something else happened to him. What the sister said after the cut...
Here is the official story of the Olafare family as told by Temitope Dorcas Olafare..
We were informed of Paul’s death in the afternoon of Sunday, 12th April 2015. On getting to his residence, we were told that his corpse had been deposited at the morgue. That caught us all by surprise and we questioned how he died and how quickly his body was taken to the morgue before his siblings arrived.
A neighbour told us it was around 11.00 amSetting out for Yaba Military Hospital where his corpse was taken to, we saw his lifeless body in a car outside the hospital. Questions were asked about what happened and we were told he gulped down unadulterated insecticide. 
Knowing the kind of brother I had, questions kept popping up – how did that happen? Where was his wife when it happened? Why must he be brought to the morgue before we were told? We were told that his body was brought from the hospital.
One of his church members screamed and said “Bro. Paul called me this morning he was about leaving his house for church and he must not get to church before me.” 
Those who took the corpse to the morgue continued, “But we need you to sign these documents so his corpse would be attended to.” So I signed.
We went back to our dad to console him. He echoed my sentiments; he said something was amiss and that the Paul he knew would never commit suicide by drinking unadulterated insecticide? A huge lie it is! Well, no one bought the story.
We decided to go back to Paul’s house to ask his neighbours what actually happened. On getting there however, we met Busayo, Paul’s wife, in the company of some other people. She had started packing her things and may have left if not for the refusal of neighbours and people around. Imagine.
It was at that point that I saw sense in the insistence of my dad’s friend that we went to Paul and Busayo’s home. When the people with Busayo saw us approaching, they wanted to zoom off, but we were alerted by some onlookers and we had to block the road with one of our cars to prevent their escape. 
I personally took the pain of meeting with Paul’s Shepherd, who said the news came in to him as a complete shock. Explaining, how Paul had been in church with him on Saturday the 11th of April 2015 and (there was nothing wrong with Paul) he was his normal self.
One of Paul’s neighbours also said Paul had tried warming his car engine earlier that morning. Another church member said Paul called him asking him to call one Tosin because he needed to service his car.
Why would he then commit suicide all of a sudden? A virtuous  woman who has just lost her husband would have been sober and sad, but Busayo wasn’t. A suicide she claims, but she was on the run? Where was she running to? Why was she packing her things? Was she expecting his death? Isn’t his death suspicious?
Many questions left unanswered. Busayo has to be quizzed. We should have her talk to law enforcement agents.
Oluwaseun Paul Olafare (aka Paulo) graduated from the University of Lagos as a Pharmacist in 2008. He got married on the 19th of February 2011 to a woman we all believed loved him just as he equally loved her. This happened a year after their introduction as fixed by the wife’s family.

Before their introduction, Busayo Taiwo, was loved by all members of Paul’s family. I personally spent most of my weekends at her family’s house in Shomolu, Paul’s immediate elder and younger brother and my late mom loved her as a biological child.

Some months into her introduction, she started acting strangely. My late mom noticed and invited her over. We had a meeting where she asked each one of us what had gone wrong. We left that day, feeling it was over with mother instructing we her kids to behave well to her irrespective of her behaviour.

My late mom was seriously ill just some months to their wedding and was hospitalized (24th December 2010). And all through her stay in the hospital, our beloved wife (Busayo) never showed up neither did our in-laws. My brother said then she was writing an ICAN exam and could not visit mother.

Mom requested her discharge from LUTH in January 2011 so she could be at their wedding. She went to that wedding though limping but she was so happy, same with my dad. (Whereas HAMILTONSTYLE wrote “Unfortunately, the parents of the deceased, who have been at loggerheads with Mrs. Busayo Olafare and didn’t approve of their son’s marriage to her… Husband and wife had lived together amicably”)

Lived together amicably? No! They never did. Paul’s immediate younger brother who drove them home from their wedding reception on their wedding day said Paul and his wife quarrelled all the way home, and he was afraid the marriage won’t last if they continued that way.

There was a time Paul was considering divorce. He complained that his wife was not giving him peace. He however held back because of his post as a Youth Pastor, wanting to set a good example. I remember vividly that my elder brother, told him then “You are the pastor, God will see you through.”

The issue my brother had was his gentle nature. He wanted no one, not even his siblings and surviving parent, to know how imperfect his family was? And if at all he needed to complain, his gentility always kicked in.

Two months into their marriage, Busayo’s mother came and took her away while pregnant purportedly for spiritual prayer at her church CCC Morocco parish, and remained there till her time of  delivery.

We had no idea of this incidence until the death of their first child. Paul told us how they didn’t let him have his wife. It was then we knew that Busayo gave birth in her parent’s church, CCC Morocco parish.  It was such a slap on our face. A serious issue arose. Still in the course of that month, we were made to realise there was this UK based man that Busayo’s mom wanted her daughter to marry and that she was stylishly buying into the idea. Why didn’t Paul tell us this?

My late mom called to confirm the story from Paul and he confirmed it was true but strongly warned us to stay out of it, assuring us that things would eventually fall into place and that he was on top of his game. Then it dawned on us that Paul had been taken away from us as a brother otherwise he would not have acted that way normally. 

Their third child (a girl I supposed) came. Paul told us his child’s christening ceremony was going to be held at his mother-in-law’s church. And none of us went. I guess my dad did though. 

Being a gentle person, Paul still told us not to interfere, yet he did nothing. How would you drop such a story and except no reaction whatsoever from your family? It sounded not just possible but being who he was, Paul did not want any trouble with anyone. Though my siblings went to his house for the naming, they bluntly refused to follow him to his mother-in-law’s church.

His neighbours? They explained how hot Paul and Busayo’s home had been. How the children did not live with them and all that. Some of his colleagues at work knew how matrimonial issues had taken their toll on him.

Busayo should explain how her husband got into huge debt. She has claimed that Paul took his life because of indebtedness. If that was the cause of his death, why did his wife attempt to run away? Her attempt to pack some stuff and escape makes this issue a lot complicated. Debt and Suicide? What a story. Till Paul died he was hopeful Busayo would change… He had no pharmaceutical store. So how come his heavy debt?

We were informed at Paul’s place of work how he recently participated in an exam being conducted by the state. And the attractive prize that follows. He’s been sending in suicidal messages lately because of debt, right? But who did his wife inform? She said he once attempted suicide at the Lagoon… When? How? Where? Who were those who rescued him? I guess Busayo must have single-handedly rescued him from the lagoon. Paul still has a father and siblings too, remember? Probably she forgot.

Do she even love Paul at all in the first instance? I am just wondering how our brother allegedly committed suicide… Paul was a strong man and he remained hopeful till death took him away.

OLX Maid Who Kidnapped Orekoya 3 Boys Has Beena Arrested,

23 year old Mary Akinloye, the maid who kidnapped the three Orekoya boys has been arrested. Speaking on Channels TV this morning, the Lagos state Police Commissioner, Kayode Aderanti, said she was arrested yesterday night but did not say where she was arrested.

Meanwhile, Senior Apostle Abraham Adekunle, the maternal grandfather of the Orekoya boys, claims a ransom was paid for the release of his grandchildren
"For the eight days that the children were taken away, we did not rest. But yesterday (Monday), they called us and said we should send the money to them. They sent their account number to us. Immediately they collected the money, they called us and said they had dropped the children at Egbeda.” he told Punch

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Supreme Court Rules in Favour Of Ayo Fayose Governor Of Ekiti State

When I say Governor Ayo Fayose is a CAT with 9lives, people doubt me. This is another proof. He has again survived another big blow... 

The Nigerian Supreme Court delivering the judgement this morning, has cleared the eligibility of the Ekiti state Governor, Ayo Fayose to contest and win the governorship election in his state.

The judge said the Justice Aladejana panel, which led to Fayose’s impeachment was illegal.

This was the main point of the impeachment process against Governor Fayose by the 19 disgruntled APC legislatures. 

Breaking News; Gunmen Storm Somalia's Education Ministry

At least 8 died when gunmen stormed Somalia's Education Ministry building in the country's capital Tuesday, sparking a gun battle with security forces that left at least eight people dead, police said.
The Islamist militant group Al-Shabaab is responsible for the attack in the center of Mogadishu, group spokesman Abu Musab said.
The battle began after a car bomb exploded at the building's main gate. A plume of black smoke rose from the area early Tuesday afternoon.
Security guards at the building, and, later, Somali special forces battled the gunmen inside, witnesses said.
 By 2 p.m., special forces had ended the attack, city police Capt. Mohamud Abdi said. Besides the eight dead, at least 10 other people were injured, said Ali Hassan, a man who was helped from the building.
The special forces helped people out of the building while the attack was underway, Abdi said. Hassan confirmed that a rescue operation was happening inside.
Somalia-based Al-Shabaab has battled the country's government for years, aiming to overturn it and turn the nation into a fundamentalist Islamic state.

    Beyonce Shares Her Mother's First Fabulous Wedding Pictures - Photos Inside

    Beyoncé and husband Jay Z attended the two-day wedding at the weekend [Wenn]

    Sharing the beautiful snap on her website under the 'My Life' category, her 61-year-old mum made quite the elegant bride.
    Owning the all-white theme she set for her nuptials, Tina wore a floaty number that featured a gold waist belt to highlight her slim figure.

    Also read: Beyonce Mother Tina Knowles Marries Long Time Love Richard Lawson in a Private Ceremony
    Wearing her hair straight and with a statement layer of red lipstick, it's clear to see there are good genes in the Knowles family.
    Beyoncé's new step-dad Richard was looking equally as glam in his matching three-piece suit.
    The ceremony took place overnight just off the coast of California this past weekend.
    The yacht was decorated with white flowers, a white piano and of course, 300 guests who were also wearing white.
    Beyoncé, Jay Z, Solange Knowles and Blue Ivy were all in attendance.
    Tina Knowles looked gorgeous alongside husband Richard Lawson on board her all-white yacht [Beyonce/Cliff Watts]
    Tina Knowles looked gorgeous alongside husband Richard Lawson - 
    Source; Cliff Watts via 

    See Stunning Under Water Pre-Wedding Shoot By Adam & Shawn-Marie Ravazzano - Photos

    Australian photographers Adam and Shawn-Marie Ravazzano, decided to carry out underwater photo shoot for soon-to-wed couples and the end product is very amazing. The lucky couple who agreed to this project are a Hawaiian couple named Maika and Lei. The shoot took place in Maui
    Adam and Shawn-Marie got the designer Joelle Perry to agreed to donate two dresses to the shoot, one of which was her own wedding dress, and they shot the deep water photo series with the happy couple.
    Check out the breath taking photos below.